The Witch

Nine times she’d beaten her black and blue
(this would have to end)
after a secret refresh of her courage she
vowed there wouldn’t be a number ten.

White magic was also powerful
and with feelings laid so bare
she sought out books of
ancient alchemy
(the more to learn the craft)
and to shift herself into gear
then, she’d known what she had
to do to beat the vicious crone.

With a smooth and final shove
into the stinking peat
the evidence of even her bones
would be lost inside the stench
of other organic matter also
being gassed as the peat
covered her head.

At last, at last
the young white witch was free
now she would live in harmony

‘ding dong the wicked witch is dead.’


Β© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I really liked this pic and have wanted to write something for it. The wordle words seemed to lead me on a witches brew path this week.

Peat is found in many wetlands but, my own experience with it comes from living in the Scottish Outer Hebrides where the islanders/crofters even today, dig it, cut it into slabs, dry it out and use it for fuel.

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #72

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

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  1. Karma…Long may your White Witch live. You’ve got potential for before and after story with this one. What no flying monkeys? Just kidding. Nice match with the pic.

    Thanks for visiting me at:

    Would Beano help? One of our children has a friend whose ‘air’ is less than fair. Hard do a long car ride in winter πŸ™‚

    I always thought it was funny that the genteel ladies of the South would say; “I think I’m going to have a spell of the vapors.” And try and remove themselves from the crowd. Dr. Oz says it is a very natural thing to expel at least a dozen if not more times a day.

  2. Enjoyed this, Bren. You definitely found a creative way to work in the word ‘gassed.’ I HAVE seen peat farms in Scotland…so I can definitely picture this. The ending made me smile. (Used to say that when I was a kid.)

  3. nice…i like and def think you could expand and there is more to this….a hard life…reminds me a bit of cinderella meets wizard of oz….

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