Beat the Devil

Be scared of me he’d said
(not in so many words)
in truth he knew I should have been
and was
yet, would never let him see the fear.

He, who liked to light fires
but not in any hearths or hearts.

I was such a quiet one, but
(as my mum used to say)
‘It’s the quiet ones you’ve got to watch’
So, I stood my ground
and never let this human devil win
or beat me into the ground with
either violent threats or his
psychological warfare.

My words, always my strongest weapon
and, my saving grace
patience and faith stronger too
than his sins
Besides, I’m too bloody-minded
to have let that demon win
and, although a quiet one at heart
am daring enough to wear one
long dangling earring


Just because I’m still a quiet rebel
and, I can.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*For reasons too long and too involved to go into, this person (and family) came into, and for some time, greatly affected my/our lives. He is one of my late partner’s brothers. Even if I don’t like someone, they usually have at least one redeeming quality I can find that saves them, e.g. they love a pet, or their mother or, some such. This person is pure evil and I don’t say that lightly, but have always believed you don’t need to shout, fight, curse or swear to beat the devil at his own game and besides, I am a rebel and having been bullied myself as a kid, have never liked bullies. I would never let him beat me in his endless drug/methadone/alcohol manipulations and he despised me because of that.
Thankfully, it is all in the past now.

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: The Art of Rebellion

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

26 thoughts on “Beat the Devil”

  1. Hi Bren..I couldn’t tell what you linked to Toads, as I got an odd message…a ‘redirect notice’ or something…too lazy to email, so I just decided to let you know here. Maybe it will clear up.

  2. Hard time, good amulet and great birthright. You’ve given me an idea here for my own rebellion poem!

  3. Quiet rebellion is often the most effective. Silent and unexpected! Admirable poem! Great take on the prompt and I’m glad you didn’t let that devil win!

  4. Thank gosh it is in the past now, wash it away. I love the grace, and the air, and confidence in this one. Hold on to your weapon!

  5. strong piece. Those times we dig deep from personal experience, I have to think the most powerful depictions of ourselves and emotions, our battles and our scars seem to just take the writing to a place incapable of replication. Great write. Love the silence as strength aspect, the quiet ones idea, and the words as power. Very strong. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Drugs can sure hide whatever redeeming qualities a person may have. Glad this person is out of your life.

  7. Maturity of thinking and facing up to adversities are noble qualities. We can look back in triumph at the wisdom of being patient and level headed. Nicely Bren!


  8. oh dang…glad you got out of this…it speaks of much inner strength when one can stay so calm… smiled at the last lines with the earrings…yeah..and guess you can..smiles

  9. Am so glad he is out of your life now, too, kiddo. I know what you mean about people not liking us because we can see who they are and cant be manipulated. Love the long dangling earring!

  10. So glad he is out of your life, Bren; and I have no doubt that you can be a rebel. I smiled at the one ear ring!

  11. Demons can never win! They never win souls, as much as they believe twisting the mind is the key to the soul! A powerful piece of writing!

  12. Must have been tough to beat, but being a rebel helps. Those people can surely be a plague on us, glad you got through it.

  13. The part Stu picked out really stuck out to me, too… if there’s not even one redeeming quality then there’s trouble, that’s for sure. Glad you got away!

  14. I’m too bloody-minded
    to have let that demon win
    and, although a quiet one at heart
    am daring enough to wear one
    long dangling earring

    powerful…a really strong (albeit quiet at the time) voice coming though here… something amazing about quit rebellion…the unmovable rock that frustrates the hell out of people, and in this case, a seemingly not very nice character at all…i love how you let us into your world so honestly

  15. yes …you and your earring and me and my diamond in my front tooth … can beat any devil … love it, Bren … thank you, ma sista …

  16. ha…good on you and your one ear ring…rebel…smiles…and for standing up for yourself as well to him…ugh there are plenty that will use that psychological warfare to get their way or just make you feel as bad as they do…add in the drugs and you have a nasty combo….glad it is over for you…

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