A restless wind blows wild
across the barren waste here
where there are only two seasons per year
summer and winter.

I live mostly beyond the
reaches of man and yet am still
touched by his mindless destruction.

Fox, hare, caribou and bear
all survive
I am alive.
If I die
so too, will they

I am the Arctic tundra
am rapidly dying away.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

*I could have chosen an Arctic creature for my subject but, wanted to say that the tundra itself is alive and supports all type of creatures. With the effects of (supposedly non existent global warming) ..now called ‘climate change’ I wanted to speak from the actual tundra point of view itself.
If the ice keeps melting as rapidly as it is, so many creatures will disappear too. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

For an interesting read Arctic Tundra Disappearing as temperatures rise

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

16 thoughts on “Tundra”

  1. Nice – well, the subject aint nice, but the way you’ve caught our attention and driven home the point that ought to need no driving home – that’s excellently done.

  2. I’m so grateful you gave the tundra a voice, Bren. This is piercing in the brevity and truth of it…thank you so much for writing to this challenge.

  3. so sad the way our planet is changing and the part we play in it as well….this affects many…and even us should it really happen…

  4. Like alot … is exactly how I feel today, Bren … not “iust” about our envirimoment but in general about our human relationship enviroment … times are tough in either field .. personal, professional or even global … we are mere specks in this universe … let’s be specks as important as can be …

  5. YES! You have nailed it. The tundra itself is melting and it is what supports life. So profoundly frightening a prospect. Well said, Bren. This is the nub of it, right here.

  6. Truth. What survives “because I am alive” will vanish. I also took on the voice of the land, the deep permafrost.

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