Wild about Harry

Boys will be boys’ My mum always used to say, as if that explained or excused their wild behaviour.
As many of you know I was in the army myself many years ago and I know a lot of what boys get up to.
I saw this picture on Facebook yesterday and just cracked up.


This has had over 140,000 ‘likes’ so far. One bright spark of a woman said it was a 21 bum salute in support of Prince Harry.
Since then, I’m seeing pics of naked squadies (soldiers) all over the place supporting him. The forces do tend to stand by one of their own and that is so nice to see them supporting him. Silly boy! But.. you’re only young once. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Wild about Harry”

  1. I am tickled by this display on his behalf- now I have to find out where he streaked, or whatever he did!

  2. Well, they are young and free spirited, I think there is to much hoolabaloo over what Prince Harry did, sheesh leave the poor boy alone, even royalty needs to cut loose some times. 🙂 Loved this 55 and photo

  3. Gotta Love those soldier boys…(And girls)
    What a great little post here…hehehe
    Loved your naked truth 55 DD2
    Thanks for playing, thanks for always putting a smilke on my face, and please…Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Solidarity among the troops. You’ve gotta respect that. Just a bunch of young guys hanging out. (snicker)

  5. I hope it doesn’t become a trend. Remember streaking? And, Brian, I want to ask you why, but please do not answer that question!

  6. this is my rifle this is my gun this ones for fighting this ones for fun….lol…and yes only young once….i was once chased downt he street naked by an ambulance…glad facebook and twitter were not around back then…

    1. Brian…
      I often think it is good that “back in the day” all the social media and sources of photography, videos weren’t around ! But if it had been,
      I would have been there with my camera to catch you in action ! Tho,
      the fact being you are probably much younger than I, so you would be catching ME ! …. not streaking…I was the one who GUARDED the clothes when others went skinning dipping…tho I did date for a long time,
      the self proclaimed nude water skier in Maine, who would answer the door wearing only a cowboy hat. Back in the day (1976)…that was really notorious behavior !
      Siggi in Downeast Maine

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