Autumn leaves begin to fall
varying colour every day
preparing for the change of season.

I do not yearn for this new season
adequate temperatures will soon fall
beyond the comfort of bones through each day.

But, time marches on, hour by hour day by day
and nature needs her time to rest from summer’s busy season
just wish I could hibernate through winter after fall.

Early fall is beautiful but day surrenders light to rapid cooling change of season.

© Dayreamertoo *All rights reserved

*The leaves are starting to fall. I saw some on the grass this morning one, covered in raindrops from last nights rain, so beautiful but, was also reminded that Autumn is on its way and all too soon after it, comes the long (and dreaded) ice/snow and sub zero temps of winter and I hate the shorter daylight hours too.

Had to study this form and needed to understand it in easy language. I found this Tritina explanation pretty clear and followed it. Hope I did it properly.

Shared with dVerse Poets Form for all: Tritina

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

23 thoughts on “Tritina”

  1. I can never seem to decide if I like fall or spring better–both possess such beautiful colors and the temperature is not too anything.

    Hibernation sounds like a good plan to me. I really enjoyed the flow of your tritina.

  2. I love autumn for it’s colours and crisp mornings. The trouble is that in Scotland this year we’ve not anything I’d recognise as summer.

  3. I do like prophetic poetry. Whether the prophesy comes true or not (maybe we’ll have a hot winter!) the poem will survive to cheer us on our way!

  4. This is really good. So seamless a read. Like the form is in the background to your poem, which is really what one hopes for when working in forms. I like the one I did, yet one can tell it was for a form but wow, can’t get over how seamless this is. Such a great job. Thanks

  5. I think you did a beautiful job with your tritina, Bren…love the topic too. No sign of summer ending here…will be a couple more months at least…I do look forward to the change.

  6. You have written to the dread of fall’s arrival so very well, Bren. I too would like to hibernate through winter, but then again maybe not….as at this time of my life each day is important…even those bleak winter days. Because we had such a DRY summer, it is said that trees will lose leaves early this year here; and some may fall without the usual change of color. I see signs already….even though today it is still 95. I like the way you worked the form, Bren.

  7. haha I agree the crap winter is coming on and it causes the cat dread, th ground freezes so nothing can be buried haha

  8. I love Fall colors but know the impending cold will not be any comfort to my trial with pain. But, once it has begun, I probably will settle in.

  9. Fall is definitely least here in the morning. I love all the seasons but am getting to not like the cold. Nicely done. Haven’t forgotten the interview, Bren. I just can’t figure out how retirement can be so busy!

  10. Laurie’s right. I’m still checking national hurricane service everyday and the the only colored leaves around here are dead ones from the drought and heat. We’ve had a little rain lately enough for the mowers to cut my weeds as they’re doing right now. I think you managed the form beautifully. There’s joy in every season. For us, we can stop our summer “hibernation”. Cheers!

  11. Oh my… here in TX, summer’s still swingin’. I really despise the bone-chilling cold, too.

  12. nature does need her time to rest…and i love the crisp fall days….winter though does hurt my knees some days… hte brilliant colors in death of fall though…..nicely done to form…

  13. Truth, finely slid into the tritina form. How will you prepare? We can not shed like the trees, nor hibernate like the bear. And migration to a warmer clime? I’m planted like the tree.

  14. nice picture and a lovely poem. I too wish i could hibernate through fall to only awake for holidays and than spring 🙂

  15. i was sitting under my fav walnut tree a few days ago and saw the leaves are already started to color…made me feel a bit melancholic…though love the autumn colors.. beautifully crafted tritina bren

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