Wild about Harry

Boys will be boys’ My mum always used to say, as if that explained or excused their wild behaviour.
As many of you know I was in the army myself many years ago and I know a lot of what boys get up to.
I saw this picture on Facebook yesterday and just cracked up.


This has had over 140,000 ‘likes’ so far. One bright spark of a woman said it was a 21 bum salute in support of Prince Harry.
Since then, I’m seeing pics of naked squadies (soldiers) all over the place supporting him. The forces do tend to stand by one of their own and that is so nice to see them supporting him. Silly boy! But.. you’re only young once. 🙂

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Autumn leaves begin to fall
varying colour every day
preparing for the change of season.

I do not yearn for this new season
adequate temperatures will soon fall
beyond the comfort of bones through each day.

But, time marches on, hour by hour day by day
and nature needs her time to rest from summer’s busy season
just wish I could hibernate through winter after fall.

Early fall is beautiful but day surrenders light to rapid cooling change of season.

© Dayreamertoo *All rights reserved

*The leaves are starting to fall. I saw some on the grass this morning one, covered in raindrops from last nights rain, so beautiful but, was also reminded that Autumn is on its way and all too soon after it, comes the long (and dreaded) ice/snow and sub zero temps of winter and I hate the shorter daylight hours too.

Had to study this form and needed to understand it in easy language. I found this Tritina explanation pretty clear and followed it. Hope I did it properly.

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