Angel of the Night

Dear Angel of the night what a
beautiful sight you are
Awesome indeed.

Did you know expectation
failed and, I was in need?

I never asked you to listen to
my life’s affair or plight
and yet here you are
appearing from somewhere deep
inside those oceans in my mind
where thoughts sometimes swim in
a downward spiral of the never-ending

Angel of the night take me on
your fantastic flight of
I dream of flying with you
but then…
…you know I do.

Is that why you’ve broken free of
the sea that’s threatening to
drag me down to its bottomless pit.

Did you sense me drowning?

Angel of the night, I will never
surrender your light
nor sink beneath the oceans
weight inside my mind.
You are all the goodness there will
ever be in me
so take me on that flight and
never give me up nor, let me
count the cost
for as long as I have you my
soul is never lost.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLXXXV11 Affair, Expectation, Free
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