The Butterfly

Midway in life’s journey
somewhere between its light and shadow
we may object or, welcome
Heaven’s coming down
to remind us earthbound
the inevitability of
its cosmic truths

Sheer bloody-minded will urged
her to conquer any fear
to embrace life for what it is
neglect the ‘what if’s’

in a language of her own
and, fragment of ancient memory
through a string of unheard whispers
she reaches through the weathered despair
to connect

With the hope she’ll make contact
before the daring human
slips and falls.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

35 thoughts on “The Butterfly”

  1. Woww this is so deep…..I liked her welcoming the life without the what if’s………really loved this…..

  2. With such delicacy you capture how short any life is, how fleeting time is, and how we flutter through the happiness of a few moments trying to keep that lightness and its memory in the moments of despair. Lovely.

  3. strong piece. Hope, perseverance. First stanza is awesome, then each the rest has a line or two right on par, keeping the theme strong throughout. Great read. Thanks

  4. You did a great job here–such despair at first and then giving us that taste of hope–I read it a few times, just because 🙂 Wonderful!

  5. beautiful and i love how the picture really is painted in this poem!

  6. The second verse resonated very strongly with me, Bren. It is a lesson I fight to maintain each day. The only time we truly have is now. We can’t look back at the if only’s, nor worry too far ahead at what if’s over which we have no control.

    Wonderful, thoughtful and soulful piece.

  7. Love the idea of Heaven coming down…yes, I think it does…and love the reaching out for contact before the daring human slips and falls…gentle but strong.

  8. I deeply enjoyed this poem… I had to read it a few times, slowly…
    Sheer bloody-minded will urged
    her to conquer any fear
    to embrace life for what it is
    neglect the ‘what if’s’

    I felt encouraged by the admonition that the connection is found using her own words…

    well done.

  9. I can’t help but read within these lines the experience you went through with Cathie. Beautiful, Bren. You always give us a glimpse of your soul.

  10. Embrace life for what it is…yes, but it’s not always easy to stop the whispers of the ‘what ifs’ Enjoyed this…

  11. My time in the cocoon is done … I can fly now … And I will … Thanks, Bren. Love, cat

  12. embracing life for what it is and neglect the ‘what if’s’….def. a good way to live life…did ponder life a bit myself lately…

  13. “to embrace life for what it is”…the hardest part – Once we learn that, all the fears are gone…

  14. With the hope she’ll make contact
    before the daring human
    slips and falls.

    Opportunity comes at rare moments. We must seize it and be ready for
    eventualities. It may even be called upon to ensure and determine survival.Nicely done,Bren!


  15. When it comes it comes, as long as it takes me fast I’ll be happy. If not I’ll give the big man a mouth full haha certaintly a mix inbetween though, I’d rather not know.

  16. It is always good when one can sense somehow the message of heaven, the cosmic truths which remain unchanged. We have to strive to hear them somehow, even though the messages are sometimes whispered. This is the message I take away from your poem today. We all must open our ears.

  17. what ifs will surely drain you…love how you describe where life is at in the middle, between light and shadow…hey when the shadow comes i am ready…perhaps i will fear it more later in life….i like the strength she lends as this goes on bren…

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