The House

© Andrew Wyeth, Big room 1948

This house once had a large family
who worked, lived and played
in each room, knowing its every
nook and cranny.

In winter the big room held them all
fire blazing in its hearth
warming through to their chilled bones


that was then
the parents had now both passed
brothers and sisters want the house sold
so each can have their share of
the inheritance.

The old house sighs…
missing occupants
who listened to its moans and groans
but loved it anyway
and, patiently awaits new hearts
which will turn it once more
into a beloved home.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Shared with Magpie Tales #132 Art of Andrew Wyeth Big room
Poets United Pantry #112

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

41 thoughts on “The House”

  1. I believe it to be true and it happens to so many in life. My father who is nearly 89 is all that is now keeping the home I grew up in from being like the one in your poem.

  2. and, patiently awaits new hearts = how sweet and sad!

    Your poem describes perfectly how I have imagined beloved houses could “feel.” So beautiful.

  3. Oh that poor old sad house, I can hear it’s weeping all the way over here, but wait! I just adore old haunts!

  4. There is a “Subscribe” thingy under my profile, Bren … that should send you updates for any new blogger posts. Love, cat.

  5. We lived in a well loved old house like that once … raised my family in it … the previous owners very tickled pink that their house, once again, was well loved … 🙂

  6. Very poignant ,DD2, sometimes these old houses know way more than they let on ! , like Kreacher at Grimmauld place , thanks

  7. There is always something eerie about an uninhabited room – especially so if it’s not completely empty, I think.

  8. I think houses have such rich stories to be told. I imagine yours must ring so true so often. “The old house sighs…
    missing occupants”…lovely personification.

  9. It is often the tragedy of old mansions and big houses. You’ve touched on a common occurrence relevant even today. Each wants to have their share. It may even force a quick and discounted sale. Nicely written Bren!


  10. Sure many stories reside there and the house rings through, if only it could talk, which you made it do. The House Whisperer haha

  11. Causes me to think about my own home and what will happen to it someday…life changes…time moves on…

  12. Daydreamer too,

    I often have a dream about an old house. It is my mother’s former home in Belfast, where she passed away. I see the rooms and dust covers and it takes me right back to happier times.
    Sadly, it is now occupied by university students and absent from that old family involvement.


  13. Houses definitely need to feel loved, Bren, They have a sparkle about them when they are loved. Thank you for sharing this. It’s beautiful!! =D

  14. Beautiful, sad, beautiful, with hope, a new family. I love that the house appreciates that the family listened to its moans and groans and appreciated it anyway.

  15. I find it sad to see empty houses, once full of happy voices and laughter. Hopefully the new owner will like it too ~

  16. That’s sad, but I love the ending. New life will fill the house again and it will be loved. = )

  17. beautiful dreamer, i love the way you gave this house a soul. which i feel is so true. thank you.

  18. Beautiful, Bren. You have wrote the house well, which wants not only to be just a HOUSE but to be a real HOME again. A creative take on the picture for sure.

  19. pretty sad when a house that was once so full of life is reduced to something sold for the money…almost like discarding the memories…

    1. Mostly having lived in houses that are upwards to 500 years old, I can attest that houses have the kind of soul, wishes and wants that you describe so well. Our present home dates back to the late 18th century and has been talking to me, without a doubt.

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