Doing Time

Dusk played tricks, forming patterns
on the sterile walls
suddenly reminding of the
chain link fence outside.

It was just as well she didn’t
have her pencils or spray cans handy
recipe for disaster to a serial
graffiti artist
she couldn’t resist the urge
to trace her fingers
over those shadows before
they rose too high, beyond
her reach.

Allowed one call
the operator’s voice was dull
empty of emotion as she went
through the essentials to
make the connection.

Reverse charges accepted
she asked her mother if she
could be forgiven
would she please come
and get her out of jail.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

*The wordle words seemed to fit this pic to a T. I’ve always thought that not even a prison cell can hold us if our minds are free. Saw that pic on a Facebook page last week and loved it for the same sentiment. True freedom is a state of mind.

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #71
The Poetry Pantry #112

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

24 thoughts on “Doing Time”

  1. Sad but true. I know from personal experience of someone I love they don’t always come home, at least not right away. Your portrait of but a small window of time paints a bigger picture.

  2. All in ones mind, but a jailbird I’d rather not be, so I’ll will always try and remain free and a bit crazy.

  3. Bren – it appears this pictures was marinating in your mind- just waiting for this weeks wordle.Fantastic write!

    I wonder if cities and towns had graffiti “zones” if that would help. I am very fond of some of the art work produced… as a photographer I love to use it in my portraits of teenagers. BUT I would be greatly unhappy if someone painted all over my home.. so I do understand- just wish there was a happy medium.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly… and I love where the words took you… the pic is amazing.

  5. Bren, I like the short-story feel of this. I think it is something you could expound upon, if you wanted. I also believe “freedom is a state of mind”. We have a boulevard here in Puebla that is dedicated to street artists and it is some of the most beautiful work I have seen. Most of it is revolutionary and very intense.


  6. Love the pic and yes, true freedom is a state of mind. Wonderful story you wove with the wordle words. I got a few of those calls when I was in college and was everyone’s surrugate Mom. Which allowed them to be funny and a cause for later teasing. At the time, I wondered if they were some form of preparation. Thank goodness I never found out,


  7. You used the wordle words so seamlessly that I wasn’t even aware of them. I am sure she has learned a lesson, and this is the last time she will be making a phone call from jail.

  8. I love that picture too; I think I shared it. I like how it accompanies your piece with its real and its shadow fence. I suspect there is also one in her mind and the operator’s and the mother’s–all “doing time.” And I love the finger tracing the shadow because I never thought about what might motivate the graffiti before. She’s an artist!

    Without anger, she’s not Agnes Angst of Lily Tomlin fame, but I associated her just the same. Do you know the show “Search for signs of intelligent life in the universe”?

  9. Cool picture…way cool! I love it. Excellent write. Every city should have areas where street art is allowed. Just my two cents. I can do with out the tagging done by gangs. There’s even a bit of that here in fairly small town Montana.

  10. Hoping nothing serious! Graffiti spraying can be fun but an unsightly legacy invites penance. Mom always will be there by her side no matter what. She’ll be out in no time! Nicely written Bren!


  11. tough call to make, humbling to say the least…i do wonder though if this is just another get out of jail and go back to the life or….

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