Last term Chloe came home and told me she’d had to dissect a worm in science class.
Getting a meal together I didn’t need to hear about the insides of a worm.
I said: “Don’t tell me anymore, you’ll make me heave.”
She giggled and replied: ‘It’s okay Bren, it was just a Gummy worm!”


A few days ago Brian over at Waystationone had posted about once having to dissect a dead cat in a class.  I was reminded of this attempt by Chloe to freak me out last semester! …

Shared with G-Man’s Friday Flash 55

Author: Daydreamer

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12 thoughts on “Worms”

  1. Dissecting a worm or frog is kind of something that everyone should try, oops, learn. Now I love gummi worm but not the sour one. This reminds me of HOW we answer to the question SEX? I thought my then 6 year old daughter wanted to what sex mean when she only wants to know should she tick F or M. Oh dear.
    Mine is here

  2. Gummy worms are enough to make ME heave!
    But they obviously are a source of inspiration to YOU!
    Loved your nauseating 55 DD2….
    It was PERFECT!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End.

  3. a gummy worm….really…ha…that is a whole lot cleaned than the real thing…and tastes better too you know…haha…smiles…

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