In virgin white her eyes shine
bright enough to match her sparkling
broach and earrings.

She asks Sam the pianist to play
that song.
Memories of love and deepest desire
relight the old kindling
as he plays and sings.

Suddenly Rick arrives
tells Sam to quit playing that song
but then… he sees her.

Time stands still as they
drink each other in.
Her eyes fill with tears
his own with angry thunder
yet, there is no denying
the chemistry

That spark of love between them
was still there.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Always a sucker for love and romance. Casablanca Released in 1942 has to be about one of the most romantic movies of love and loss of it I can think of and, along with a whole host of other golden oldies, it has to be one of my most favourite. Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart simply oozed sexual chemistry. Of course the famous lines are never forgotten either although he never did actually say: “Play it again Sam” at all, it’s what most people say. But, he did say final line: “Here’s looking at you kid.”

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Last term Chloe came home and told me she’d had to dissect a worm in science class.
Getting a meal together I didn’t need to hear about the insides of a worm.
I said: “Don’t tell me anymore, you’ll make me heave.”
She giggled and replied: ‘It’s okay Bren, it was just a Gummy worm!”


A few days ago Brian over at Waystationone had posted about once having to dissect a dead cat in a class.  I was reminded of this attempt by Chloe to freak me out last semester! …

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