The Poetical Lady

Girl Reading © Charles E. Perugini

At last in late sun and moonlights early glow
she settles in peaceful repose
allowing her mind
to wander.

Her eyes see the pages but
thoughts take her on long
forgotten paths that no-one
knows are there except she
herself and, those aches she
hides so well

Her heart knows the pain
that she carries even though
mist’s of time have
somewhat obscured the

Leaves about her flutter
… she softly sighs.

She reads.
Occasionally writes.
Thinking in ways which only
romantics can
Of lost loves and passion’s
feelings that fire her
soul to paint portraits which
inspire other’s eyes
to shine.

She is a poetical lady
and it’s words that steal her
heart away as they too
in turn
steal mine.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights Reserved

Always loved that painting. It speaks to me in so many ways about so many things.

Shared with dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar: Writing Characters.