Where is their promise of better times.
The harmony we all should know by now
All around the world there is violence.
Scorched earth with nothing growing
but festering hatred amidst the
bones, haunting eyes and discord
of the living dead.

Men, women, children
sitting, lying in the baking sun
dying to be fed a diet of dust, sand
or bullets
Their only triumph…
a few drops of oh so precious water.

I see those eyes which plead
and know
we are all connected
Their pain is my pain
their fear, my own
and, when they fail to survive
we each fail too.

All things must pass
and I’m impotent to prevent
their suffering
but pray for some relief
it’s all any one person can do
when they don’t have the means to
do more and
when somebody loves you.


©   Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

*I had the BBC World News on this morning and they were showing news that the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi had just died. They showed video clips of the various civil wars, drought and, starving people over the last 20 to 30 years. I didn’t need the sound onto see the despair on faces, to  feel the misery of their hunger which of course,  is happening in so many parts of the world.

Sharing love and compassion with our wealth instead of feeding an endless greed would help fix so much of this for so many.

Had to write it out.

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Poets United Vice versa #12… Harmony/Discord Triumph/Fail
Carry on Tuesday ‘When somebody loves you’

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

40 thoughts on “Hunger”

  1. Bren, in a world of full of technology and things, how can this happen? A strong compassionate write on a very sad subject.


  2. the sad thing is, so much of the issue in countries like Ethiopia is the high level government corruption. no matter how much money we throw at them it never ends up in the hands (mouths) of those who need it. it is sorrowful, and helping should be easier.

  3. strong piece. That feeling of being powerless, incapable of helping, is such a rough feeling to have. You illustrate this and the situation so clearly and with such strong images. Great read. Thanks

  4. this will surely make everybody think…..nice write and let us think and be more humane to make little changes….

  5. Very powerful and heartbreaking… these things should not be! I feel your impotence, but I do believe poetry can change things, I do. If words were enough, yours would erase their pain and give them humane lives… free of the festering hatred.

  6. With technology being what it is today, why is this not on the front cover of everything. Instead of Miley Cyrus’s new hairdo? Compassionate poem.

  7. “Dust, sand, or bullets”, this is so disheartening. There is no sense of democracy or humanity in the infectious global economy we live in. I have such a strong impulse of wanting to explode in anarchy when it comes to this topic of global dominance and greed, but I try to hold onto peace, although it feels hopeless at time. I wish the whole thing would collapse onto itself in order to rebuild. Thank you for these thoughts, it is important and dire for us to think and feel beyond your own comfort.

  8. Your poem made me think of Mother Teresa–Time mag recently reissued a special edition dedicated to her which I’m reading. She was one person, and look what her prayers and actions did. A heartfelt write indeed.

  9. This is heartbreaking and I guess unconsciously we (I) avoid images and newscasts that remind that this is still prevalent, that anything that makes us feel helpless is still prevalent. Thank you for reminding us.

  10. Yeah sad to see such a state still exists but they are always explotied so the rich can get richer, only time they help is when they need a tax break.

  11. I love that you wrote this, I love the way you wrote it, and I love the compassion obvious in every line. The photo is heartbreaking. Yes, we need the War Machine to stop….and the Feeding Machine to begin.

  12. Heart felt and much too real, sometimes we need to be reminded that we matter too when someone is in need. Good Job

  13. and, when they fail to survive
    we each fail too.~
    tragically yes
    anything done seems but a mere drop
    in an ocean of pain ~
    if only we could do more ~
    such powerful stabbing words
    – Lib

  14. Much compassion here and I applaud you for looking this tough topic right in the eye, it’s not easy witnessing the pain of others but it is necessary to understand and be moved to act.

  15. ugh it breaks my heart that there are those that go without food….seriously how do we let this happen…def compassionate but it stirs me up…how can we fix this?

  16. We can pray but we can also give to good charities – Mercy Cares, Save The Children, Oxfam, the Red Cross – there are a bunch – the Heifer Project, various women’s health groups. Now there are rating agencies for Charities that are very useful too. A good poem to point all this out!

    I had a client once who used to make all these teeny little donations each month – I can’t say that I do that, but I should start. Thanks for reminder. k.

  17. a harsh reality, and we cannot close our eyes or minds to this…..the solutions seem so simple….quit feeding the war machines, and feed people….quit feeding politicians’ greed and vices, and feed the people….I cannot imagine what true starvation feels like, but I bet it sucks….

  18. “Scorched earth with nothing growing
    but festering hatred amidst the
    bones, haunting eyes and discord
    of the living dead.”
    You looked here in a way I have been unwilling to see in years: the awful truth of our failure to right share resources through a pipeline that reaches individual to individual.
    “Their pain is my pain
    their fear, my own
    and, when they fail to survive
    we each fail too.”
    Yes. I bow to your truth. This poem is another action that you do. Do not hide this Light under a bushel.

  19. It’s an embarrassment to be laid out all those miseries and we sitting in luxury by their standards. It’s understandable if imposed by disasters or calamities. But as rightly said a measure of greed and arrogance came into play which was most sad. Nicely thought of, Bren!


  20. So sad to think of what some go through, maybe together we can all make a difference, tho some governments make it so hard to get through to those who need our help. Better days ahead hopefully!


  21. Bren, the plight of the Ethiopian people, as the light of so many people in the world, is so sad. One cannot look at those eyes of hunger and fail to be deeply moved. Well written poem here on a current situation!

  22. So sad that so much more can be done yet…no easy answers and a subject that touches my heart. a great write.

  23. great compassionate write.. sometimes it may be not much what we can do but that shouldn’t keep us back to take small steps to find ways to ease their suffering…and yes..we can pray and maybe change more than we think would be possible

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