Summer Time

I hate the summer for all the bugs
which seem to spring from nowhere to attack
Very allergic to some bites and cannot
breathe through excessive antihistamine.

I hate the summer for all the road kills
skunks, their babies, raccoon’s, foxes
squirrels and even cats.
They each have a right to live
yet, fall victim to our need for speed.

I love the summer for the colours it brings
gardens planted… in full bloom share their
joy to please an eye which cares to gaze.

I love the summer for the warmth, not excessive
heat which drains and, cannot be escaped.

Driving home one day a big butterfly flew
straight into the car’s grill,
(convinced it was dead, the guilt I felt was immense)
25 minutes later, home, I get out and see some
pretty spotted yellow and brown wings poking
out from where hood meets grill
gently tickled at the wings to get it out
and, found it still alive.
It sat on my finger for a few moments
then, flapped its wings and flew off into
the sky

and I..

felt I had just seen one of God’s
small miracles which made (for me)
a perfect summer’s day.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

I have an auto-immune disease (S.L.E. or, Lupus)and while there are many symptoms one is that it leaves people allergic to so many different things.  Not having been born in Canada I have no immunity to so many of the summer bugs which arrive in the heat. Mosquito’s were bad for me at one time but, I seem to be better with them this year. There’s one kind of fly which as soon as it lands on me injects some kind of venom which my body reacts instantly too and immediately comes up in a blister which unless I double dose on anti histamine for a few days quickly spreads out and threatens to turn into cellulitis. I hate the bug sprays, all those chemicals cannot be good for you to breathe in either, so, while I love the sunshine, I hate the bugs and the intense heat too.
Late spring and early autumn in Canada are mine and Chloe’s fav times. No bugs, no heat, no ice, no snow. LOL

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: Summer

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

34 thoughts on “Summer Time”

  1. The butterfly is the essential icon of summer…and there are many…I love the way you tied it all together…

  2. Summer has so many icons but the butterfly is the essence…I love the way you tie it all together llll

  3. i’m happy you’re not allergic to butterflies!

    my daughter has always been allergic to most bug bites and stings and the reactions have gotten worse as she’s gotten older. though she still always carries antihistimines in her purse, she must also now carry an epi-pen for the more severe reactions. after having to take her to the emergency room on many occasions, i really sympathize with you!

  4. I agree with Fred, I like the Love/Hate relationship you have with the summer. I’m sorry for how the summer can make you feel bad sometimes. I bet it’s so painful. I also have auto-immmune (RA)

    street rubbish

  5. That is a wonderful story. I’ll be smiling the rest of the day because of your butterfly. Thank you.

  6. Apologies if I’ve sent this twice…
    Enjoyed this, the hate/love bit at the beginning and the outcome in the last stanza…

  7. Really cool piece. Love the Love/Hate aspect. Funny, I was just at a birthday party for a friends daughter today, and two things, there were a bunch of bees, and my buddy’s wife caught four of them with clear plastic cups where she cupped them to the table, so was kind of neat to see them flying around inside the cup. i hate bugs too. But also, she has a similar auto-immune situation. So weird how through these poetry blogs, the inter connectivity of life is so easily found.

    Really an excellent read here, again, love the listing aspects, and the love/hate aspect. Thanks

  8. Bren, first the comments… auto-immune diseases are the PITS and I know folks who blister from the damned flies. We used to have dive=bombers that bit wet hair, so in the pool, we’d be diving for cover.

    What I loved was how you deconstructed the worst parts of summer, then went to the good stuff, encountered a “bump in the road” (for the flutterby, at least), and then, that tremendous outcome. Ain’t life grand? Thanks for the smile, and peace, Amy

  9. Gorgeous, DDT. Based on the picture, I was hoping for a happy ending. 😉

    Also…I really liked how you used “spring” and “fall” in your piece, whether intentional or not (I’m guessing, yes). Clever.

  10. How beautiful, Bren. Such a freeing moment with the butterfly, a little gift from a simple being. We live in the foothills and see so many poor deer on the side of the road during summer. 😦 I like the gentle seasons too, although I love snow, but you probably see a crazy amount of it. 🙂

  11. I loved being driven from hate to love and then to an example of love and its miracles. Summer. You have detailed it beautifully.

  12. I love you saved the butterfly…a lovely person to care so much for the small creatures. Summer certainly has its good points and bad, not so good when you have allergies. I have to watch out for sand flies too…certain ones or I end up in hospital getting the antihistamine injection. Problem is I don’t know which ones. Lovely poem and a lovely heart!

  13. SLE is a tough disease to live with, so courage as you take it a day at a time. I love the little miracle you shared with us. Wonderfully symbolic, as I see it!

  14. I get so upset if I hit a butterfly as I drive. It’s such a waste of beauty. I’m so happy that it survived! Great poem.

  15. Love/hate- this is certainly for me what summer can be about- I’m not a big lover of the heat….my black heart tends to melt! Ha ha….some really great contrasts- both literally and emotionally- and the part withe butterfly is so delicate it needs to be whispered

  16. I love the contrast here. I was just thinking how I hate the summer bugs, too… and then the miracle at the end was a perfect ending. Thank you.

  17. smiles….glad you (and the butterfly) got that miracle…summer has its perks and well its down falls as most seasons…dfe love the kiss of the sun…..

  18. Lovely (though sorry about allergies) – we saved a butterfly last weekend- put it on plate with honey water till it recovered. Amazing feeling.

  19. This, this is AWESOME. No allergies here myself, but grew up with a sister allergic to everything, so feel your pain. So happy about the butterfly…

  20. I love how carefully and lovingly you rescued the butterfly. So glad you didn’t just let it die. And neat to hold the butterfly a bit before it flew off again. A very nice summer write.

  21. What magic to have a butterfly rest on your finger, then take wing. A hardy soul to have hung onto the grille with the wind coming at her…….I have auto immune problems to, I so hear you. Love this post!

  22. oh nice…what a magical moment with the butterfly..i held my breath while reading…wonderful capture of summer with the nice and the not so nice things

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