Dream Catcher

Lying there
feelings now unguarded, bare
laughter tickles
in feather light strokes
floating across a soul’s peaceful
river of thought.

A longing too dark to be seen
but still felt inside the dream
memories of coldness in
days without sun
yet there is no surrender
…no forgiving yield.

I cannot undo the done
and, a faceless someone
wishes me ill
Shoves into the midst of my dream
scares me into rapid heart beat
pulses race against doing her will.

The harshest voice I’ve ever heard
broke the news in shouts of gloating glee

‘You cannot dream what is not.’

Stifling fear she seemed so intent
on planting, I looked beyond her
to see my beloved white dove flying
once more, to guide.
To glide me through the horror
of the dream and lead me
away from those dark depths of despair
following her endless light
she’ll see me safely through
the rest of the night.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

I used to have such bad, chaotic, dreams. Thankfully, not so many anymore.

Shared with Poets United Thursday Think Tank #110 Dream Catcher

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

18 thoughts on “Dream Catcher”

  1. i really love your interpretation, Bren!

    it sounds like it was my mother invading your dream! LOL!

  2. I love the story of the Dream Catcher and your write here revolving around your uneasy dream captures the experience of the two melding together.

  3. Brenda, you have a real gift for creating unique vivid images, I felt like I was floating through the dreams and your use of words:
    “floating across a soul’s peaceful
    river of thought”
    “cannot undo the done”
    Loved it all 🙂

  4. Yes, we can dream what is not … that what keeps us going … I believe that’s the only way to be and go on …

  5. Nightmares are bad …. we all try to avoid them, but sometimes things aren’t in our hands … good work on this poem !!!

  6. It gets frightening to have bad dreams. But it seemed dreams can foretell something of the opposite. If you dropped a penny in your dreams you are due for a windfall in the not too distant future. I just wonder. Great write, Bren!

  7. This was beautiful, it had the bad dream with the hope of the white dove~ I love how you guided us through the feelings, with your wonderful imagery! 😀

  8. nice…glad you could see the peace for the scare…for the break in…it will def try to steal your peace and joy if you let it…if you let it…

  9. So awful when a faceless someone wishes you ill in a dream. I like that you looked beyond her rather than at her and saw the dove, which led you to a better place. I once knew a woman who worked with dreams. I shared a recurring bad dream with her; and she said what I should do was to THINK the dream to a ‘safe’ conclusion. I did it, and I never dreamed the dream again. Your dove seems to accomplish the same purpose…..Nice poem, Bren.

  10. That dove will see you, see every one of us, not only through the night but through the life. You can undo what is done and you can dream what is not – by Jesus. It is a fact. So you are in possession of the spirit of life, visualized by that dove.

    I am desperately fond of rhythm and rhyme. 😮 But I really like your message. 🙂

  11. This is FANTASTIC!!!!! I so love every single word…..especially the glimpse of the white dove leading you safely through “the rest of the night”. Simply wonderful.

  12. Awesome picture–it really illustrates your poem. It seems you have your own guardian dream catcher who lets you see just enough of the nightmare so that you can deal with your issues:
    “Stifling fear she seemed so intent
    on planting, I looked beyond her
    to see my beloved white dove flying
    once more, to guide.”
    The details of your dream are quite vivid–the feeling that “I should have done more” are too common. We have lots of built-in perfection issues.

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