Dream Catcher

Lying there
feelings now unguarded, bare
laughter tickles
in feather light strokes
floating across a soul’s peaceful
river of thought.

A longing too dark to be seen
but still felt inside the dream
memories of coldness in
days without sun
yet there is no surrender
…no forgiving yield.

I cannot undo the done
and, a faceless someone
wishes me ill
Shoves into the midst of my dream
scares me into rapid heart beat
pulses race against doing her will.

The harshest voice I’ve ever heard
broke the news in shouts of gloating glee

‘You cannot dream what is not.’

Stifling fear she seemed so intent
on planting, I looked beyond her
to see my beloved white dove flying
once more, to guide.
To glide me through the horror
of the dream and lead me
away from those dark depths of despair
following her endless light
she’ll see me safely through
the rest of the night.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

I used to have such bad, chaotic, dreams. Thankfully, not so many anymore.

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What really happened

Chloe loves to surf You tube. A few years ago when she was younger she found this clip, almost pleaded with me to watch it with her. Had to admit, it is hilarious.
I LOVE the grin on the little pigs face right at the end.
Now we all know what happened to the dinosaurs.


*Must have your sound turned up 🙂


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