A sudden, most angry cacophony
interrupted a peaceful walk.
Three of them gathered around one
as one more pinned it to the ground.
Usually I will not interfere
but, bullying is bullying
and, as the crow being attacked cried out
I too gave out the loudest shout.


©   Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

*This happened this morning. I didn’t take that pic. But, it shows how one crow had pinned another down and was peck, peck, pecking at it and the poor thing couldn’t move and all it’s small bum fluff underneath down feathers were starting to be plucked out. I knew it was going to get hurt soon if the bird got skin and, I couldn’t stand by and do nothing. There were another three crows all cackling and waiting to have a go too. So, I shouted and they ignored me, so I shouted and raised my arms again and went towards the one pinned down, hoping the rest wouldn’t attack my little dog Timmy…LOL Anyway, it must have been a bit of a scare to them because the bully let go long enough for the one pinned down to get away. What a racket they were all making. The others all gave chase but it got away enough. So three ended up in one tree swearing and cursing and the one being bullied ended up across the road in another tree with its mates, giving itself a clean up. LOL

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