As a young teen I hated sports
P.T (Physical Training)
didn’t enjoy running around
like a blue-arsed fly at all
and yet for so many hours
so many days a week we’d
have to do sports.

Tennis, netball, badminton, hockey
and then there was
*Rolls eyes*
Long jump, high jump
hurdles (boy does it hurt if you
don’t clear, and crash into them)
Track racing (Grimace)
Shot put, Discus.
Hated them all
but, I did enjoy the javelin.

(To me) it was a spear.
One day the P.T teacher
said I was doing well but thought
I could do so much better.
Told me to think of someone I really
didn’t like and throw it as if they
were standing there in front of me.

My six feet four inch bully of
a math teacher immediately sprang
to mind

I threw that sucker so far and it
even stuck in the ground.
I was amazed
The teacher was so impressed she
asked me if I wanted to enter the
county schools competitions.

I said
‘No way José.’


© Daydreamertoo                     *All rights reserved

Found a pic of the British athlete Jessica Ennis and reversed the colours on it. World, European and now Olympic heptathlon gold medalist.
While I love to watch sports, I’ve never been a very willing participant. LOL

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

21 thoughts on “Games”

  1. i liked the long jump… and watching the boys strutting their stuff on the athletics field. {smile}

    glad you joined in at Poetry Jam! nice one!

  2. Our PT consisted of some routine mindless exercises…throw ball, volley ball, Kho-Kho (Indian game)…very limited for girls. And, yet we tried to escape them. Wish I could compete more ! Good story.

  3. That’s a good motivation tactic.

    I liked PT when I was a kid. Long distance running and badminton were my sports when I was in school. Not much of a runner anymore though.

  4. Wow, you so reminded me of my gym class. Gym teacher didn’t like me…tossed me a ball to do a lay up. I swear the gym teacher rolled her eyes at her favorite students. I did it perfectly and made her jaw drop!

    Good memories Bren…I loved that you nailed it! 😀

  5. How funny! I was the same way, PE was such a bore. It’s funny how easily we find whim, though. 🙂 I love your personal stories.

  6. Brenda, you made me laugh so hard! Right off the bat–with the blue arsed fly..great poem!
    Except like cat, I loved running, but volleyball, softball, etc. was a whole ‘nother story–can you say “always picked last?” I knew you could 😉

  7. I liked gym class, except for the silly gym suits we had to wear, royal blue one piece things with elastic balloon legs. I especially liked PE when it was outside in spring and fall. I hated gymnastics. the vaulting box, though I liked the trampoline. I liked track except for hurdles and jumps. I liked to run though. I liked field hockey, no one liked it but me. I liked volleyball, except most everyone was taller than me, so I rarely hit the ball, hands high above my up stretched arms as the ball came toward my face.

  8. LOL!! How wonderfully structured: the lead in that catalogs all the hated and required school sports to the one most enjoyed and then to the one moment in that sport where you really excelled, and even the reason for giving it up! What a treasured gem of a story!

  9. Oh I so feel your pain. I LOATHED “gym” with a passion. Once they threw me into a basketball game (thankfully not an event one) without explaining the rules and I ran the wrong way with the ball with tears in my eyes, totally confused. Sports was like another planet to me. I so relate to your poem.

  10. haha….it def helps to visualize…smiles…there were def games we had to do in gym class that i was more than willing to duck out of….hurdles, no way…ha….

  11. Laughed at how well you threw that javelin. All you needed was that extra motivation of thinking of a suitable target. Interesting that you called it PT. for the most part, we called it gym or Phy. Ed or PE. It was never my favorite class either.

  12. Ugh, the track and field unit of our Phys. Ed. classes was definitely the worst! And I thoroughly agree with your dislike of hurdles, if i was meant to jump that high I would have been blessed with longer legs! I have to admit that I always enjoyed volleyball, and field hockey was a lot of fun. Thanks so much for sharing this great poem with us over at Poetry Jam this week!

  13. LOL such a response, sounds like one I’d make haha yeah all that running and jumping crap never appealed to me. Liked the sports though.

  14. Good story, Bren 🙂 I won bronze in track and field for my county in grade 10. Still run long distance.

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