As a young teen I hated sports
P.T (Physical Training)
didn’t enjoy running around
like a blue-arsed fly at all
and yet for so many hours
so many days a week we’d
have to do sports.

Tennis, netball, badminton, hockey
and then there was
*Rolls eyes*
Long jump, high jump
hurdles (boy does it hurt if you
don’t clear, and crash into them)
Track racing (Grimace)
Shot put, Discus.
Hated them all
but, I did enjoy the javelin.

(To me) it was a spear.
One day the P.T teacher
said I was doing well but thought
I could do so much better.
Told me to think of someone I really
didn’t like and throw it as if they
were standing there in front of me.

My six feet four inch bully of
a math teacher immediately sprang
to mind

I threw that sucker so far and it
even stuck in the ground.
I was amazed
The teacher was so impressed she
asked me if I wanted to enter the
county schools competitions.

I said
‘No way José.’


© Daydreamertoo                     *All rights reserved

Found a pic of the British athlete Jessica Ennis and reversed the colours on it. World, European and now Olympic heptathlon gold medalist.
While I love to watch sports, I’ve never been a very willing participant. LOL

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