Birth of Dreams

A west wind blows
warm summer winds
breaking through a mood
which is not unique
…in fact, quite the
ordinary, mundane.

Collecting all thought
in one sweet breath of life
I surf its waves and spiraling patterns

No, I cannot condemn any pain
while searching for its reason.

But, in those golden days when you
sing in praise of love or glory
will you remember too, that
once I was your stepping stone
and helped give birth to
some of your dreams.


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

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Poets United Vice Versa: Unique/Ordinary Condemn/Praise

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

34 thoughts on “Birth of Dreams”

  1. Lovely little pieces of growth. I love the surf and the spiraling patterns and that you have accepted the pain without questioning the reason, except for the most raw question in the end. I hope that we can keep remembering and spreading the stones.

  2. Excellent! This was my favorite passage

    Collecting all thought
    in one sweet breath of life
    I surf its waves and spiraling patterns

    I can taste it–love it!

  3. excellent ending here. Perfect transition from each the previous stanzas and then, you left the poem on such a high mark poetically. Great read. Thanks

  4. I love where this ended up! And the lines Collecting all thought
    in one sweet breath of life /I surf its waves and spiraling patterns. Lovely poem!

  5. Ouch. I like the honesty of voice, and subtle strength of moving forward from a time in life whose scar is still somewhat new. Very nice.

  6. I know about birth and dreams, and death and dreams … wish I knew about life ever after … my dream rests at Pictou Island … Love you because you are close to her …speak to her some time if you like … her name is Jenny Rose … do not have any stepping stones yet … wish I had. Love, cat.

  7. A stepping stone is good… I’d like to think I was one that wasn’t too slippery but sometimes a little jolt to the memory is good. I love the picture too!

  8. this cascades so softly in my imagination, i just adore this from beginning to end~

  9. So much to read between the lines in this poem… but the essence of it comes through, a plaintive hope that there is still something left of past happiness, albeit only memories.

  10. “Collecting all thought
    in one sweet breath of life” Beautiful if sad poetry…so well written

  11. Beautifully expressed thoughts, Bren. Yes indeed we are the stepping stones that give birth to someone else’s dreams; and someone else is (or was) probably the stepping stone that gives birth to ours as well

  12. To me, you formulate the reason for the pain in the last verse. And the last verse is very nice. It points out we are differently gifted and that some will rise above others, unfair as it might be. That can be a pain to experience. But at the same time you point out the worth of the one helping, being a “stepping stone”. And the word of Christ comes to mind, that the greatest will serve the others. The stepping stone is in fact greater than he who rises.

  13. Being a stepping stone is not a bad thing when the person acknowledges your contribution and input to their progress. Its the ungrateful ones that makes the giving so hard ~

  14. I cannot remember if the west wind is to the west or from the west, but I gather someone is leaving. I recognize the pain that we have to feel because if it is numbed out, it cannot lead us to its cause or cure or both. But “in those golden years” where we are already heading, the memory will be there–and long before that too. The people we have loved in any capacity show up. This poem is a great reminder of that, a fine place marker in the evolution of love.

  15. this can be tied to many different themes…politics…marriage…motherhood… well penned..and hope they never forget…

  16. How a faithful soul sacrificed for the love of her life. Women give all but men treat it lightly. Seen cases that seemed unfair! Nicely written Bren!


  17. oh i feel this…to be remembered if for nothing more than a stepping stone to your dreams…i feel this on several levels…parent to child, lover to lover….the sweet breath of thought is a nice touch as well…smiles.

  18. “no, I cannot condemn any pain while searching for its reason”

    YES. that is a wonderful way to explore how to recover from a painful experience. we HAVE to know our pain — know the source of it, feel the extremes of it– before we can heal.
    thank you, well done.


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