Parlour Games

image © Francesca Woodman

Her curvaceous curves flooded
all the alcoves of his mind like
the ricochet of a stray bullet.

He didn’t need any maps to find
his way around her wide and narrow
hills and valleys
he did still wish the fine lace
top she’d been wearing had been

In a new twist of the parlour game
they’d played so often in the past
and to keep their relationship
alive so his interest didn’t stray
or dwindle, she’d put a new spin
on it and with a sexy, sensual warp
she’d led him into the room
and told him now he had to find her
while wearing nothing but the


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #69
Magpie Tales #130

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

39 thoughts on “Parlour Games”

  1. How sweet Bren! It wouldn’t be difficult for a good guy,blindfolded or otherwise,he’ll manage! Nice write!


  2. If I tried that, the baby would wake up or the in laws would show up at the door, right in the middle. A sensually, beautiful poem, Daydreamertoo. I hope you saw the clip of John Lennon singing at the closing ceremonies. I thought of you while I watched. Thanks.

  3. saucy poem, and I loved it. Note to self on how to keep things spicy in a relationship. Thanks 😀

  4. With your poem, I find myself imagining the cracked shell around the body in the image is chocolate. Erm…I’d better stop there! Lovely sensual write, Daydreamertoo.

  5. Reminds me of the siren scene from the movie “O, brother, where art though … I can hear the music in my head … Lovely, B 🙂

  6. woohoo…i am all about keep that fire burning…haha…and sometimes a little creativity surely helps…smiles….i am liking the heat in this bren…smiles.

  7. Oh my, this game sounds like it might have to visit the Warren house. LOL I love the deep sensuality of this one, Bren. It’s fabulous!

  8. Whoa! That sounds like a game he would like, for sure. I’ve been offline a lot this weekend – now I see what everyone has been getting up to when I wasnt looking :)!! Good one, kiddo.

  9. Wow nice and kinky, pretty soon you’ll be doing things with a slinky hahaha A game I can’t say I’d mind, with the right person of course.

  10. “Her curvaceous curves flooded
    all the alcoves of his mind like
    the ricochet of a stray bullet.”

    He’s a goner from the get go,
    and the rest of the game?
    Whatever it takes.

  11. Very nice. Kind of reminds me of Vegas…what happens there stays there. That they should care enough to entertain each other – certainly one way to keep ‘sparks’.

    Thanks for your visit. Have you ever seen the play “Into the Woods” I believe it takes three fairy tales and intertwines them in an adult version. There is also a new series now something with the present being also enchanted by fairy tales. But being that it is a serial if you miss one episode you are lost. One of the tales in the series is based on Sleeping Beauty – the ‘present gal’ being in a coma.

    My wizard – there is much to evolve. For the moment he was cruel now a bit subdued. No telling where the Wordles will take him…

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