The Dying Swan

She glides across
the ripples
swaying with the
water’s dance
watching other
but she

takes no part
in play.

A single thought rules
this beauty queen.
As day after day her
aquatic grace is
seen by eyes that
can only guess at
her sorrow.

She waits and waits
for her mate in soul
to join her on the
pretty lake.


She doesn’t know she
waits in vain
for her mate will
forever lay

Echoes of despair fill
the air as she
calls out against the
injustice of unexpected

Hearts sigh as they
hear her plantiff cries
carried upon the wings
of a butterfly into
the silent expanse
of nothingness.

As each day dawns
sadness of lost love
breaks her heart


She too dies that
little bit


© Daydreamertoo            *All rights reserved

 Beautiful creatures.

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: The Beautiful Sadness

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

31 thoughts on “The Dying Swan”

  1. It made me think about my parents being married for 64 years, when my Dad passed away. They used to watch a pair of black swans all the time, in a nearby park. So it’s a double treat for me to read this.

  2. sad indeed, and they do usually mate for life. reverse the genders and that could be my dad now. still lost, not knowing what to do…

  3. I have loved a military man and so these lines slayed me also;


    She doesn’t know she
    waits in vain
    for her mate will
    forever lay

  4. I can sense and feel the melancholy of that beautiful Swan. Such a graceful creature, yet so alone.

  5. Strong ending, sad piece. But beautiful in its own rights and definitely in the manner you crafted this piece. Swans are such lovely birds, there’s a creek near me, about 20 minute drive, actually took some nice pictures of them, posted someplace, can’t recall, but anyhow, I’ll head over there sometimes, park the car and look out as they all just swim the creek and walk the banks. Really nicely done. Thanks

  6. Heart break … and Healing … sometimes no healing … sometimes “crooked” healing … going on with broken wings/ spirit … until not. Lovely poem, Bren.

  7. I cannot imagine animals have reserved their feelings for their mates too. Seen it happen. Only on hindsight that we realized the implication.They could have been given a replacement!


  8. Love can be tragic even in the world of beautiful birds, such as the swan. They have a place here up North where they come in flocks and I went to see them once. Certainly nothing to compare.

  9. This breaks my heart, Bren. It reminds me of the heron I wrote about in my poem. Herons mate for life. It is said that the heron I wrote about once DID have a mate, but something must have happened to it. Now he/she returns to this little pond each year alone. I hope the swan in your poem keeps on, as the heron in mine does. And…as we all must!

  10. Heartbreak: her continued beauty, sadness not seen until she sends up her distress, and dies a bit each moment the mate is expected but not there. I will never overlook a lone swan again–and I wonder about the heron.

  11. wow….after ‘but…..’ just destroyed me. You know ive been a lucky boy in love…ive known my soulmate since I was twelve….and life without her?….not something i can contemplate- this poem just nails it….

  12. ouch…felt well beyond the swan to those i know who wait themselves….either for the mate or one to return that never will…stuck in that thought, that heart break…really nice using hte swan in the context of it too…felt Bren…

  13. this is beautifully written bren… made me think of my grand dad.. he died shortly after my grand mom died, just because he missed her so much..

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