The Dying Swan

She glides across
the ripples
swaying with the
water’s dance
watching other
but she

takes no part
in play.

A single thought rules
this beauty queen.
As day after day her
aquatic grace is
seen by eyes that
can only guess at
her sorrow.

She waits and waits
for her mate in soul
to join her on the
pretty lake.


She doesn’t know she
waits in vain
for her mate will
forever lay

Echoes of despair fill
the air as she
calls out against the
injustice of unexpected

Hearts sigh as they
hear her plantiff cries
carried upon the wings
of a butterfly into
the silent expanse
of nothingness.

As each day dawns
sadness of lost love
breaks her heart


She too dies that
little bit


© Daydreamertoo            *All rights reserved

 Beautiful creatures.

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