Through the eyes of a child

11 years old she is aware
her life’s already in tatters
shattered like her heart.
Her body still aches from growth spurts
now, her mind will hurt the same
and inside she’ll be as jagged
as a broken window pane.

Soon she will be marrying
this man
this stranger by her side
(old enough to be her grandfather)
who’ll take her for his bride

through his eyes only, will
she ever see the world but
she will never know her worth.
He’s paid the asking price
and will rain down upon her
showering her beauty with
bruises to match a rainbow sky
and she (the child) sits and waits
feeling such apprehension
A rising fear behind those eyes

never knowing the precious
gift of life that should be
hers by right.

She looks at him
through the eyes of a child
wondering what will
happen next.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I saw a post on Facebook by the CNN news reporter Christiane Amanpour about this child bride of 11 marrying a 40 year old man in Afghanistan. The report shows other girls and goes on to say that this happens in various countries in many parts of the world. Some girls as young as six (and some boys too) are sold into marriage.  One young girl aged 10, successfully won a divorce after she found a woman lawyer willing to take up her case.
Christiane Amanpour said she herself has tried for many years to highlight this and bring it into the forefront of the news as much as she can to try and change this custom but, it still takes a long time to change long held tribal traditions.
It breaks my heart to think of these young girls, who should be playing with dolls and dressing up and playing make believe games,  having fun with their friends, having their childhoods and their innocence ripped from them in such barbaric ways. This upset me so much, I felt I had to write something for these girls and try to get it off my chest.

Hope this meets the prompt

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