God has no religion

For far too long
a hundred years or so
we’ve left true values behind
in the ego’s race for want.

What we have is never enough
greed became the champion
and, money its insatiable goal.

Once I was a part of it all
which left me quite uneasy
deep down in my soul
(there had to be more to life
than this)
and then I learned how to love
…to truly love

the kind of unselfish love where you
know you would gladly die to let
the ones you love, live.

My values changed.
I changed.


if the world should crumble
and end times battle lines
are clearly being drawn
it won’t bother me too much.

I surrender to the will
of the universe
which has always been stronger
than the ego of man
and hope the spirit within
will live on in a new much
more compassionate, reality.


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

Dying used to frighten me but after Cathie passed away both Chloe and I had many, independent events occur which couldn’t be denied. We both separately see light orbs in two different houses including the one we live in now. We hear noises, things will fall over for no reason. A bang of a drawer closing and such. We feel something touch us and raise our hair, or the tiny hairs on our skin, as if a hand just brushed it.
So she wouldn’t be scared we were being haunted, when she was nine, I would never tell her anything of what happened when she wasn’t home and, it wasn’t until she would tell me about things that were happening to her that I told her it was happening to me too. Now, we just say out loud ‘Whoever you are, go with God and be  in peace.’  I explained that if this was something that meant us harm, we would know it because it would try to scare us and drive us out, so don’t be scared. We’ve both often wondered if it’s Cathie.
I read so much and have learned so much over the years, love drives everything. And, I truly feel that when our body dies, our soul leaves just at the point of death and, depending on whether it has learned all that it came here to experience it either occupies another body to carry on or, it moves onto its next level of spirituality. (Apparently scientists have weighed the bodies of dying people who have consented, and at the point of their last breath, their weight decreases minutely and, they think this is the soul exiting the body so that it can carry on) And having gone deep enough within to have seen my own light, I can honestly say, I don’t fear death anymore.
Of course, that is not to say I don’t think about the manner in which it comes. Asleep in bed would be the best way for me but, Que sera, sera. (What will be, will be)
I do personally feel that if this planets Doomsday does arrive, the spirit within those humans who have tried to deny ego and have learned what unconditional love is, will be the ones that will live on spiritually.

Long explanation but this is just some of what makes me ‘tick’

‘God has no religion’ is a quote by that beautiful soul Mahatma Gandhi

**We are all entitled to our own beliefs and what we are comfortable in believing is our truth. My truth may not be yours.

As Mary pointed out: ‘Greed has existed since the origin of man’ yes… but, I am speaking of the big corporate greed that exists now. The greed behind all governments which really controls who eats, who gets aid and, who is expendable and yes, also greed of individuals who want what they want and don’t care about anyone else or how they get it.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

38 thoughts on “God has no religion”

  1. This poem is beautiful. In my Value poem I wrote that religion like government has agendas. Religion and God are two different things. Also, my dog who died is here.

  2. Just love this! I think when we are able to come to that moment of surrender, that moment we release our will and ego to something bigger than ourselves, that is when we can find a sense of peace in our lives.

    I also have to say I really enjoyed learning a bit more about you in the prose section of your posting. I’ve had more than my share of paranormal/metaphysical experiences over the years, but I can honestly say I’m no closer to any kind of definitive answers than I was the day I arrived in this world. I suppose we just keep pressing on and try to learn as much as we can every day, and eventually we all get to where we need to be. Thanks for sharing!

  3. a thought-provoking poem, Bren! thank you for sharing some of your personal experiences, too.

    always happy to see you at Poetry Jam!

  4. The poem and afterward remind me of the basic Buddhist tenets. They are not complicated but living them in this world we currently have is a difficult line to walk. Very freeing write, I love when you get spiritual on us. Great stuff, I will read it again.

  5. I surrender to the will
    of the universe
    which has always been stronger
    than the ego of man
    and hope the spirit within
    will live on in a new much
    more compassionate, reality.

    Your summation is a gem…your poem hold much truth herein.

    Your aside gave me chills…I’ve experienced some of what you speak about in the past. I love your peaceful approach.

    Always nice to read you, Bren!! :)’s to you!

  6. love is an amazingly powerful entity. when found and truly internalized I believe it can open the world up.

    You expressed your transformation from ego to love quite beautifully.

  7. Brenda, a wonderful poem, if we would treat each other with love the world would definitely be a better place. Thank you for sharing your words and your life. I’m with you, (and the Beatles) love is all we need 🙂

  8. Amen! You’re testifying! We are kindred souls. I can’t say I embody such love but I certainly work to move towards that. I think the only thing that matters in the end is love, I really do… it’s all about love…Tell everybody! I enjoyed your passion… it really drew me in. And beautiful poem. Again, let me say, amen, amen!

  9. People who have worked hard for hourly wages agree with you about corporate greed, Bren.
    Canada now has a government which rewards corporate greed, and, as a voter, I agree with you about the money doing the governing.
    Nevertheless, there have been leaders who are not in it for the money, and you have quoted one of them.

  10. Hello! And thanks for participating in my Wednesday prompt. I really appreciate the amount of thought you put into this piece, and the stand alone statements you wanted to convey. Thanks for sharing!!! and viva la

  11. Religion so often takes front and center stage and hides a much deeper truth. My spiritual life has taken me beyond and before there were churches there has always been something greater than ourselves to which we are blessed to be a part of as our path moves each of us forward. Thank you for this post and for taking the time.

  12. Written with a lot of passion – obviously has much meaning for you.

  13. I have not achieved strong spiritual beliefs as you have, but I am striving for that at this time. I do believe in spirits, but don’t have a grasp on ‘the soul’, yet. I have changed, also, in so many ways, and feel I am constantly improving as a person. I have become more aware of what’s around me, and, unfortunately, that awareness can come with some angst – espec. the way the world works.

  14. “Once I was a part of it all
    which left me quite uneasy
    deep down in my soul”
    A powerful summary of what led you forward to the realizations you delineate so beautifully, leaving the Ego-driven behind and becoming Love-filled changes everything:
    “I surrender to the will
    of the universe
    which has always been stronger”
    Amen, Amen. THANK YOU!
    And then the 2nd poem–the narrative about you and your daughter separately experiencing a presence and then together! Please make that officially a poem–it is so fine to read in your words about the evolution of these relationships and your own take on the human task/karma. The Tibetan Book of the Dead has us all reborn until we come to the point of Nirvana–am I right about that? Hmm–I am getting a lot of thoughts from your poems. Thank you, again.

  15. Very powerful piece. I love your story at the end. I think we have all had similar experiences, but some just choose to forget them and pretend they never happened.

  16. I just love this and can relate to your spiritual experiences… couldn’t agree more.

  17. I love this .It kind of falls in with my beliefs as well My God is a loving God who doesn’t discriminate and loves all on earth.

  18. smiles….vibing again a bit…i do agree it has been around far longer….when you look back at the history of religeon even and the people crying out for want of a king and when they got it realizing it was not what they wanted….and i think we are still reaping that in our wants…it will be interesting too later this year as those that say this is it, how the populus will react…def ego is king and those that have grow further distant from those that have not…

  19. Both the poem and the doc are well written and spoke to me. My fave lines are these:

    “I surrender to the will
    of the universe
    which has always been stronger
    than the ego of man
    and hope the spirit within
    will live on in a new much
    more compassionate reality.”

    I read the title and as a Christian I said “A-men!’


  20. Oh you know how much I resonate with all you have written, Bren. From all I have heard and read, and experienced, I dont fear death either – just hope I have time to get some books completed first. Love your process notes too – corporate greed and power is definitely what has accelerated the planet’s decline to now perilous levels. And now there is no human or governmental power stronger, to make it stop. My hope, these days, comes from stubbornness and my true nature. I am hoping the transformation of human consciousness will turn the tide. Some future civilization will be appalled at this era. A great and thought-provoking write.

  21. lovely, spiritual poem dreamer. if we could only get pass the seen and
    concentrate on the unseen, which I am willing myself to do this year.
    thank you.

  22. We all have different belief systems and it is interesting to know yours. I agree with you about the world lacking any spirituality and altruism.I think we are re-entering the dark ages (the EVEN darker ages)

  23. Never knew about the weighing of the body and yeah when death comes it comes, fret over it too much and that is all one will do, of course I’d rather go boom if doom comes then starve to death or catch some disease or crap like that haha

  24. Hi Bren… I enjoyed your depthful write and your explanation. I do think, however, that the ‘ego’s race for want’ has existed MUCH longer than 100 years. In fact, think about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Why did Eve bite the apple? She was tricked into believing this would give her KNOWLEDGE that she didn’t have. She WANTED. Greed, wasn’t this? Think about all of the European countries and their race to claim areas for themselves in the New World. Greed, wasn’t this? For land and power and fame? Wars since the beginning of time were most often fought over territory. Maybe you are speaking of economic greed, differentiating that from greed in general…but I don’t think it is. Greed has existed as long as we humans have.

    But I understand surrendering to the will of the universe. Really an individual can do little besides that. We can work within our own small sphere and hope that all moves along in a positive direction; but I do think we all have to come to terms with the fact that some things simply ARE outside of our control. And if we help make life good for people in our midst that is no small accomplishment……..

    Thanks for participating in Poetry Jam and for this thoughtful write.

    1. Yes, I am speaking of the big corporate greed which drives the world these days. The power of money behind all governments which truly governs not the puppet figure heads.

      1. I hear you, Bren. And thank you for addressing my question…. but truly I think this is as it has been for centuries. We are just move aware with communication as it is. Greed has always been…. Visiting from Real Toads this time.

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