In the midnight hour

She ran through the maze
within her mind
but peace had found a new home
and was long gone.

The walls were high
too high to scale and
gather a sense of which
direction she ought
to go.

Tired, so tired of the
constant fight she vowed to
let go. To scatter all of
this life’s discord once
and for all
To unwind
to unfurl
to rid herself mostly
of fear.

In the midnight hour
through sleepy eyes
half awake and half in dream
she spoke of her need aloud

The universe replied
almost instantly
showing her their view
of what it is to live in harmony
and, when she opened her eyes
in the morning she would know
that it was so.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

Shared with dVerse Poets OpenLinkNight #56
Poets United Vice Versa #10: Gather/scatter. Harmony/discord

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

29 thoughts on “In the midnight hour”

  1. Lovely write, my friend. I have been lax to visit but between work and lack of sleep sometimes it is all I can do to make the effort. I miss your site. You have a beautiful gift of writing.

  2. The great hope through the ages: that there is an undiscovered peace somewhere in the universe or from the universe. You tap into the hope with great effect.

  3. love the tone and the story-telling here. On a side note, i love the word unfurl, and kind of funny, my dog toby gets worked up a lot when people come to the house, and he’ll bark and growl and his lips push under to show his teeth better, well I always tell him to unfurl his mouth, and still 8 years of this, he just kind of stops barking and looks at me like huh…anyhow…Really an excellent piece, again, fantastic tone and story aspect throughout

  4. Amazing!! Cannot even point out my fav line for the fear of reposting the whole poem again!! 🙂

    Only if universe could give that harmony!!

  5. This is so fine, I may borrow it for a personal fantasy, truly! I like that she let go of her fear and began to work through her stress and then asked for help. How tired do we need to get to do that? I like that the universe was a “their” and that you don’t tell us what their view is. But oh, to have that encounter! I’d stay asleep to run the labyrinth to hear that and wake knowing how to live in harmony. Unless it was bad news.

  6. Nice weaving of words…somehow I can’t seem to do this prompt..sighs….

    Like the idea of the universe listening and giving you what you wish for ~ If only ~

  7. So well written. A beautiful depiction of how the mind harangues and plagues… I know the feeling, I do, I do, I do… I loved this! Well Done. Wait… I’m going to read it again. 🙂

  8. The universe actually answered you say, what did you sound like? Big scary movie trailer voice or that of Tinkerbell? haha So nice to find peace sometimes too.

  9. Lovely, what a wonderful and awestruck replay the universe gave to her.the beauty of peace of harmony, what a view.

  10. OH, I loved the reply of the universe… it sometimes is sooo tough to differentiate dreams from reality… I love how you expressed that all-too-real feeling in here…

  11. Nice. The life certainly is a challenge when going through a labyrinth, wishing for direction. Then better it is to live by The Son and let The Son, let love, be the direction. Nice use of the words! 🙂

  12. A wonderful dream … like kissing the right frog finally … and … voila! … there is your prince … 🙂

  13. Wonderful response using the vice versa words, Bren. It def is true that sometimes the peace that we had in our mind seems to have gone elsewhere…..but if we clear our mind we oftentimes are given a new answer, if we only open up and listen to the universe.

  14. nice…i love the finding of that peace…the universe answering…sometimes all it takes is us bing willing utter what it is to get that..smiles….i like bren…smiles

  15. “To scatter all of
    this life’s discord once
    and for all”

    What a beautiful thought! I wish that I could do that . . .

  16. Not always easy… To scatter all of
    this life’s discord once
    and for all
    To unwind
    to unfurl
    to rid herself mostly
    of fear.
    but in the end the universe replied. 🙂 So happy it did 🙂

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