A dinner table at night

The maid had cleared the table
and it was just as well
for, you could cut the atmosphere
with a knife.

Keeping the poise befitting a lady
she tried hard to hide her mood
but so far, it wasn’t working.

Nothing could convince her
through all his smoke and mirrors

His willingness to work so many
hours overtime
The complete change in his character
so cavalier now
He was not at all the man
she’d married.

nothing would convince her
that he wasn’t having an illicit affair
perhaps more than one, maybe two
After all, his patients seemed to
fall for his magnetic charm
just as she had once too.

There was something very different
about him lately
She couldn’t quite put her finger
on what it was, but when she did
woe betide him!
She’d be sure to divorce herself
from this Dr Jekyll and
whatever he was trying to hide.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

As this artist also painted Robert Louis Stevenson (thought to be while he was in the process of writing the Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde story, Although I know it isn’t, I thought it might be a nice twist to have this painting by John Singer Sargent called ‘A dinner table at night’  be about the Dr Jekyll character and his wife.

Shared with Magpie Tales #129 Painter John Singer Sargent

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

33 thoughts on “A dinner table at night”

  1. Beautiful ! It’s too sad when those we marry become someone else…for the better is good, but far often not the case!

  2. I must rise to speak for the defence! I think he is just misunderstood. He knows that their finances are shot due to her unfortunate brandy habit but dares not tell her!

  3. Love what you did here in so many ways. She keeping her poise, the self-talk and musing over his recent behavior and her threat of woe to him when she finds out…excellent…so clever!

  4. Troubling thoughts. The suspicion alone is already the indication of a existing and growing gap. Sense of unease throughout, nicely done.

  5. Like everyone else, I loved the word-play at the end. Having worked as a nurse for many years, it amazes me that any of those marriages to docs can last. The hours are (used to be) so unreasonable.

  6. I have been thoroughly enjoying the different interpretations of this Sargent. And your is wonderful … a very early feminist take.

  7. I like that last line, it made this feel a lighter for some reason. I also like I wasn’t expecting the ending. and she better get that divorce quickly.

  8. I love the reddish glow in which her thoughts simmer, her familiar quandary until you name Jekyll and pun on Hyde! With the atmosphere you set–where
    “you could cut the atmosphere
    with a knife.” and “hide (!) her mood” and ” nothing could convince her” twice–suspense builds beautifully before you let out the truth. A winner of a tale, Bravo!

  9. ohh, that sinking feeling of being betrayed. you have
    captured each woman’s thoughts very well.

  10. It is difficult to tell which is heavier….. the atmosphere in the room or the silver? I love the Dr. Jekyll twist. Thank you for sharing this wonderful work, Bren. You’ve created great intensity. =D

  11. Yes, we can spy something unsettling. Somehow things didn’t seem to be what it should. Nice write Bren!


  12. she sure does have that “oh brother do we have to go through that sh&^^t again” expression!”

    i also saw the thick air!! i wonder how many others will put it in. {you probably didn’t notice it in my poem, i did it cuz when i was reading it for the recording, i kept putting the thick on the stage, so i switched the adjectives, because if you keep reading a poem out loud and making the same mistake over and over, the poem is talking to YOU. it’s telling you that you wrote it wrong.}

  13. ouch…yes there are tells…obvious that they dont even see themselves…but one can tell the subtle changes if one looks for them…oy, nice tension in this bren….

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