Anne of Cleves

She was born of a German nobleman
destined to become fourth wife
of King Henry V111.

He didn’t like her right at the outset
thought her too unsophisticated but
due to various political alliances he
needed to keep, married her anyway.

Within six months he had
the marriage annulled
said it wasn’t ever consummated
and, because of Anne’s agreement
Henry gave her a generous settlement
including a palace, a castle and some houses
one of which, I visited several times.

She herself never lived there
but it was part of her estate now it’s a
museum filled with authentic Tudor period
artifacts and furnishings.

Anne of Cleves is not the most
well known of Henry’s six wives
but she was perhaps the smartest.

She kept her head
became his friend and
outlived the rest of his wives.


© Daydreameroo *All rights reserved

Lewes is a small town about 20 minutes drive away from Brighton. (being so interested in history, Anne of Cleves Tudor house built in early 1500 always fascinated me as a child growing up)

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