Last night I met a stranger
in the usual place, because
it would be a rare day indeed
if I ever invited a stranger to
our home.

The sun was still quite blinding
even though it was seven ‘O’ clock
so rare to see both beauty and fire.

I asked her to check what I offered
she politely refused because
even though she didn’t know me
she believed what I’d had to say.
I chose to follow her lead and
didn’t open the envelope either.

We live a simple life here on
our small island where
there is still a lot of
something called


© Daydreamertoo              *all rights reserved

I sold another laptop last night around 7pm.  I don’t like having strangers to my house (because coming from a former big city with a lot of nasty crime) I usually arrange to meet them in the car park at a pretty close drive through Tim Horton’s.  They can see the laptop up and running on the battery and they know it goes online or, I wouldn’t be selling it.
The girl I met last night bought her husband/boyfriend and I usually start it all up and let them see it up and running and check it over. Last night she said she didn’t need to see it all running because she trusted me. I in turn returned that trust by not opening the envelope with the cash in it.
Such is our life still here that people are basically very honest. I knew she’d be over the moon with what she’d bought for what I’d charged and had told her so when we chatted on the phone. She must’ve thought so too, because they added an extra $10 bucks.
I was very happy and, I am guessing so were they.

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