Killing Time

The wayward girl was falling
but was too blind to see
and sent out an invitation

The response was quite robust
no-one would ever know
not even the girl.

As she roamed strange streets
so far from home
the ball and chain of life
grew heavy.

People saw the attitude
and if they dared to go as far
..the oddest look akin to
frenzy in her eyes.

Now she was an easy
channel for the pimps
a ruined chalice of despair
too far down the wrong path
to settle for less than the best.

Her invitation quickly accepted
the attack on her was furtive
sublime in execution.
She had no idea it had happened
but, she’d determined there would be
no more living rough for her
under her new pimp’s control
now she’d do more than just
kill time.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*For some reason the words led me down a dark path this week. Maybe it’s because I just finished reading the Dean Koontz book.

The Sunday Whirl #67
Poets United Pantry #108

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

27 thoughts on “Killing Time”

  1. Great job on tackling such a hard topic that most people shy away from. What else are we supposed to write if not the truth? I’m glad she’s decided there will be no more rough living and will be empowered thereby to break away.

  2. A distinctly sad and dangerous life, to be found on the streets of every city in the world. Amazingly red seems to be the colour to bring such emotive and leading thoughts.


  3. A distinctly different poem for these wordle words. Bravo for going with your inspiration, even though it surprised you (and your readers, too).

  4. This is a dark one, and it seems that she has tipped over to the extreme side of her life ~

    Its nice to see you exploring these themes too…why not, not all creative posts are all nice and positive ~

  5. Like you, I am often surprised by the path prompts clear. This character study, albeit dark, has a hint of overcoming, seizing power, taking control. Intense!

  6. Not your usual style, but I like it! I can see how Koontz would lead you down that path.

  7. WoW! outstanding creativity and writing, dreamer. a short story
    that captures a reality for too many young women.

  8. The first stanza was like a punch… she sent out the invitation, even if she didn’t mean to. A powerful dark poem.

  9. Marvelous poem!
    What a story: all the clues–my favorite lines–lead to killing herself:
    “no-one would ever know / not even the girl.”
    “the ball and chain of life / grew heavy.”
    “too far down the wrong path / to settle for less than the best.”
    “now she’d do more than just / kill time.”

    Tell me it isn’t so!

  10. Wow – rather dark indeed. A sad commentary on the fate of some women and one which plays out far to frequently in cities around the world.

  11. Ahhh, beware the power of RED —
    Hiya Dreamer, you should have been in Surrey yesterday. Do you ever get back ‘home’ ?

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