Cool Clear Water

I came into existence
because there was a need
and because I am aware of
who and what I am.

I’ve taken on many shapes and forms
from the moment I was born
I suit, to suit all seasons.

At my purest I am
nectar to those lips which thirst.

There are times I am meek and mild
and the sun’s heat does its best to destroy

I can travel anywhere at will
(if I so chose)
from slow, slow trickle to
gigantic Niagara spill.

I can also be an ice-cold queen
and, maybe you will never see
the hidden depths I breathe.

Yet now,
Yes now
my life begins to wane
for, most of the older sane
no longer inhabit this planet
and I am being poisoned
day by day by the insane ones
who remain.

Yes, yes I am water, very much alive
and therefore,  I can die.
But, I cannot stop the madness
I cry, and cry, and cry
cool, clear, water.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

For some unknown reason, I have always believed that water is very much, alive. Not just the life it contains but, the actual water itself.
Masaru Emoto   Has carried out studies to prove his theory that water reacts to its surrounding mood, by forming either pretty or ugly shapes when frozen depending on what mood it is first subjected to. I’d like to believe what he says his findings are but, for as many who do believe, his theories and tests cannot be properly confirmed.
I’ve also thought for the past 25 odd years that fresh water is the next thing (after oil) that many wars will be fought over, with the increase in drought through climate change happening all around the world. I can see it start happening within the next few years.
The prompt called for us to become what we wanted to write about and, because I love it, I became the water

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What the night knows

Spooked I tell you, spooked. First time I’ve ever read a book that left me feeling spooked.
I’ve read a few of his: ‘The Taking, Odd Thomas, The Frankenstein books one and two but this one I just read, had to read mostly before it got dark, because it left me feeling so uneasy, spooked!


I began reading Dean Koontz novels a few years ago because someone told me although he writes horror, he always ends with good triumphing over evil and seeing so many of his books being sold, was curious as to what he was about. Sure enough, I read ‘The Taking’ which is a modern day tale based on Noah and the Great Flood or, could be, The Rapture. Whichever, it’s a mass clearing of all the corrupt/bad/evil in the world, leaving only the children and innocent adults behind to help raise them. Amazing, gripping read.

This latest book, I finished yesterday, although love and goodness triumphed in the end… I was quite gobsmacked at the story. I’m usually pretty level headed, but had to stop reading it at night time because it left me feeling quite … yikes…lol.

What the night knows << Review

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