Zen Balance

Once clouds in my eyes blocked
the silvery burst I’d see at night
Life’s sweet, sweet music went unheard
and dust in the wind
made the river cry


after the storms took a gliding swan-dive
she shone through all the veils
she wore protecting her modesty

Her halo embraced me as I walked
back out of a muted fog
One in which I couldn’t see
back into the balanced clearing
back into clarity.

I was going home to where
my heart has room to love and
many more rooms to spare.

We live in mysterious ways
and don’t need for spells to
be broken.

The ship of dreams I sail upon
is as clear in vision as a peel of
church bells

Life, is ever changing.

Sands upon the shore
wander by night and day alike.

I have to be this free
have to be me
Was born to fly high
where not only the wind
can breathe.

No matter where I am
Earth’s beat will always find me
come wind, and rain or hell-fire
I am myself
the journey home.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with dVerse Poets  Poetics: Balance
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