Book of Spells

As a child he was taught by
learned masters never to endanger
other lives except for those
whose evil was to do nothing
but destroy.

The boy became the man
and cut quite a dazzling display
for all the young maidens at court
his mind was filled with magic
and, too many things to hazard
or allow his heart to fall
beneath loves own enchanting spell.

He would deny himself
until the day Arthur was
crowned king
then well,
maybe if a maiden would give
a gentle look
maybe then…

He gave out a harsh sounding sigh
chiding himself for allowing his
mind to stray.

The candle flickered to remind
we are all here for just a shadow of time
how long for, no-one could say
not even a wizard.

With that in mind
he dipped his quill back into the ink
and continued to write his latest
in the book of spells.


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLXXXII # Cut, Endanger, Hazard
Poetry Jam Magic
Poets United Vice Versa #8 Allow/Deny Harsh/Gentle