I have these visions

Visions of loveliness.

A peaceful walk
in soft fall rain

(Yes, they soon will come again)

‘Til then,
I yield all that I am
into silent wonder
creating words from a soul
that still reaches for
…the reason

I trust

and even raw, laid bare
see visions of loveliness.

The air I breathed today

So clear
So fresh
So clean


The sand where no other footsteps have
fallen today…bar mine.

Yes, I see visions of loveliness
In glass I’ve gathered from the giving sea
and keep or send to delight others
friends, who share my path

Feel its sensual smoothness
in shapes that heighten pleasure
with rainbows added to
further delight senses
with these, nature’s gifts

Can I…

Will I…

a future life
from all of this.

We live on our own
little piece of Heaven
here on Earth

Where magic happens
if you have the will to surrender

Simply let life flow and, follow
where it leads.

In a world of love
I’m surrounded


See visions of loveliness
which I feel such a need

…to share.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Before we (a much younger Chloe, Timmy-the-dog and, I) moved into town, we used to collect beach glass on our daily walks. Finding blue was rare and became the prized treasure. “Found a bit of blu hoooo” became our favourite shout while walking the beach. lol
I began to make jewelry from it. Those in the picture are some of the early attempts at wire-wrapping and such. But, we have jars and jars of it and when the sun shines on and through them, we see rainbows everywhere. Creating some magic from, what is essentially, someone else’s garbage from (thrown overboard from all the old sail ships from the 17-1800’s passing through the Northumberland Strait.

Shared with dVerse Poets OpenLinkNight #54

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

34 thoughts on “Sharing”

  1. I really enjoyed the feel of hope and spontaneous joy in your poem. It made me smile with its lovely recollection and recitation of the wonder you find in the glass. Wonderfully written.

  2. Wow these are beautiful pieces, especially the star. Thank you for gathering magic and sharing it. I agree on letting life flow and following where it leads…I love the stillness in the ‘yield’, waiting for the season to change, knowing that there is a reason. This is such a hopeful piece of poetry. Thank you!

  3. Just beautiful
    Isn’t it so lovely that someone’s rubbish becomes your treasure.
    I wonder what the sea will make of today’s rubbish in a couple of hundred years time?

  4. Reminds me of my own beach glass collection … hmmm, I will have to go and look for it … lovely thought for today … thanks, Bren 🙂

  5. Yes, we always have to create a life for us from whatever life gives us as we journey through. We don’t know what our life will hold next week or next month but just have to keep creating.

  6. it’s good to see and share the beauty…and the good things we share will come back to us i’m sure..beautiful words and like your illustration with the pic as well

  7. thanks for popping back over…and your well wishes…we will survive you know…i was actually given 30 days notice…the company is filing bankruptcy so i have a little time to look and still have money coming in…its all part of the journey, you know…smiles…never know what is around the corner….

  8. There is so much to wish for and so much to do! It’s good to dream on and create a framework from where we can start. Visions of loveliness is waiting to be discovered. Wonderful write, Bren!


  9. Beautiful and lingers in my mind like the lovely sea found beads. Lovely write. Blessings

  10. So calming, serene, wistful… I enjoyed how you told this, magic can be found, and made, anywhere by just opening yourself to it; loveliness indeed.

  11. so peaceful and lovely… your generosity and humanity shine through just as the sun shines through your glass. beautiful.

  12. Very cool – that glass is so smooth – amazing that it can be and still be glass, and the refractions too. Well described. k.

  13. This feels so tranquil. I love finding colored glass on the beaches. You’ve found so much of it…and it’s lovely wire-wrapped, hanging like wind chimes. I can imagine how pretty it looks with the sun shining through them.

  14. I felt so happy reading this. It is like a blessing you bestow on us all. Thank you for your visions.

  15. I LOVE this poem SO FREAKING MUCH!!!!!!! And you share those visions of loveliness so beautifully and generously. I envy you beach glass. We didnt have any on the west coast, at least I never found any, tho the odd glass ball floated in from Japan in early years. I have a clear glass jar sitting on my kitchen window waiting for me to find a source of supply – you mentioned beach glass in another post and since then I have been wanting to see the sun come through a jar of colored beach glass too…………they must sell it somewhere. Or I could start collecting colored bottles and make my own? but it wouldnt be beach glass, it would be Old Booze Bottle glass, hee hee. Loved this poem,. kiddo.

  16. “Yes, I see visions of loveliness
    In glass I’ve gathered from the giving sea”

    I love beach glass!!! Your poem to honor your path and story is such a great sentiment…

    I really enjoy your aside at the end…beautiful memories!! 🙂

    Thank you, Bren, for this bit of “blue hooo,” treasure!!!

  17. “I yield all that I am
    into silent wonder
    creating words from a soul
    that still reaches for…” beautiful as are your elegant beach glass necklaces. It is so hard to find on beaches these days…but stones…I found many lovely smooth stones on my walks along the water’s edge this summer.

  18. You make loveliness and live in loveliness and “See visions of loveliness” which you share so much in poems and jewelry and especially this prayer!

  19. Moved into town, hmm don’t you still had such things over…and don’t talk about fall that means winter and the crappy snow is closer, geez.

  20. beach glass is so cool…i love your story telling in this..and will we make a home of such magic as you have captured in this….cool on you making the jewelry as well….Where magic happens
    if you have the will to surrender

    Simply let life flow and, follow
    where it leads.

    love that and the visions of loveliness…smiles.

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