Timmy 2011

He waits, impatient
turning circles or, pacing
as I’m preparing it
smacks his lips after the feast
of fresh boiled chicken and kibble
(very delicate tummy, you see)
and, hunger satisfied

I want him to digest
so lift him up to his blanket
(bad back, mustn’t jump at all)
on the couch where he sits for
a minute or two
then, in slow motion quietly
slinks himself in alongside of me
to snuggle up for a cuddle.

Petting him a while so he
knows the touch of love
I then focus on three things.

One is my own
always something to do on it
keeping me busy
another two that I bought
being worked on, cleaned, upgraded
formatted, re-programmed, updated
and, hopefully both sold today.

Someone once said
‘Find what you love to do and
you’ll never work a day in your life’

Along with first love
computers are my buzz
my some thing


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Along with his delicate tummy, he has several calcified discs in a couple of areas of his spine. He’s not supposed to jump up or down at all. Very difficult to stop a pet from jumping though. But, the vet told me she’s seen dogs with his condition fine and running around happy one minute and, something in their spine ‘pop’s and they are then paralyzed for life. So, I try to barricade the couches with books and cushions to make sure he can’t jump up but, it’s a lot easier said than done if someone arrives unexpectedly. He’s up and running and jumps off the couch before I can grab a hold of him. But, if he can’t sit by me, he cries…. Bless him.
Love my little dog Timmy to bits 🙂

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

29 thoughts on “Something”

  1. You described your beautiful little dog so sweetly that I wouldn’t have needed the photo to imagine Timmy. I love the way you wove your love for Timmy into your love for your writing/computing for this poem.

  2. Ah yes, the predinner dog dance! My house is a tiny cabin and my dog is a Chesapeake-Weimaraner mix, so the dance was too dangerous for indoors. Now he’s trained to wait on his bed and gives a spectacular drool performance most evenings–I’m not sure it’s an improvement. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your buddy’s frailty, but your poem captures it beautifully–as well as your love for him.

  3. I started to write about my little old dog, but she is so old and I just didn’t want to go where I knew it would take me.
    Very nice write about your loves!

  4. It’s so nice to have pets. It hurts when they are restricted in their movements. Pray nothing untoward happens. Wonderful write Bren!


  5. I can’t say that about my job currently. I don’t know, maybe time is coming to do something else. I think your poem speaks of a simple sort of joy in life that I would like to have, am looking for again. I feel the contentment reading this.

    And what a cute dog you have too. 🙂

  6. When work is play things are just as they were meant to be, never mind whether it’s dog or computer that’s in the frame.

  7. What a sweetie he is. I know how hard it is to try to keep them from doing more than they should. After Jas’s knee surgery, it was one entire year on a leash and curtailing her every move. Yoiks. I love what you wrote about doing what you love……..writing – especially in the blogosphere – has brightened up my entire life.

  8. Mine was called Poppy, I loved her so much, couldn’t bear to have another, never have had since, she was my ‘dog of a lifetime’. So loved this post and the pic of Timmy.

  9. So hard not getting them to jump, they want to do it as it’s so second nature Too bad they wouldn’t know it’s in their best interest haha. And wish work didn’t feel like work, that would be nice.

  10. Along with first love
    computers are my buzz
    my some thing

    ah, & here I thought it was that puppy – so cute… and this, an elegant example of your craft

  11. So nice – you love your dog and this comes across so well in this poem. It’s sad, but also life affirming and my you have some lines in here that are so quotable, so universal- you know the ones I’m talking about right?

    1. Oh- you see – I always miss something- so the quote is an ACTUAL quote- i still love how you used it though- its perfect…

  12. This is great… you paint a vivid picture. My youngest just quoted that same quote the other night and we talked about what it meant.

  13. awww what a cute pups….i am glad you try to look out for him and make it easy…i def think it might be hard to keep a dog docile….i remember the computer stuff from before too and that is cool..i wish i knew more about them..and writing…well i def enjoy that…smiles.

  14. “Petting him a while so he
    knows the touch of love
    I then focus on three things.”

    You try to trick us, but I am not fooled: Your computer and the 2 new and the potential of the sale are real enough so that work is play, but the main and best “something” is the pup and making his food and making him safe and feeling “the touch of love”

  15. Aw, this is so touching, Bren. Dogs are such a fun part of life. They give so much…as much as we give to them! I know it would really be hard to prevent a dog to jump up. It’s their nature. Cool about your computer work. Glad you found something to do that you love….

  16. ‘Find what you love to do and
    you’ll never work a day in your life’…true that… and you mentioned the computer thing in a post before..remembered it.. great to get emerged in the things we love to do…and your little dog is uber cute..smiles

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