The Devil’s Angel

There’s a devil on my left
complete with horns
blood-red eyes and
sharply pointed tail.

He makes me sail close to
the wind
taunting me to
commit some sin.
He’s got his claws dug in
there deep
keeps on trying without end.

Puts me to the test
never lets me rest.

But I know he’s there….
…..whispering in my ear.

He tries his level best to
take my thoughts and deeds where
they really ought not to go


When he gets that bad and
I’m filled with doubt
wondering whether to
walk his black-hearted road
just to ease the heaviness of
my ‘living’ load
that’s when
I turn to the Angel on my right
because, she always guides me
back toward the light.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

18 thoughts on “The Devil’s Angel”

  1. smiles…glad we get both…i will say i think at times i need both as they each push me in different ways, you know…smiles….

  2. oh yes..sometimes it’s a tough fight that’s going on, isn’t it..always glad when the angel on the right shoulder wins..nicely penned bren

  3. It all comes down to choice doesn’t it…really enjoyed this. Yes, it seems we often walk a tightrope between good and bad..I’m mostly traveling on the good side though…

  4. I’m really glad that someone did the angel/devil on the shoulders motif. Thanks for being part of my challenge!

  5. Wonderful and true. There are always two voices, and it is always our choice. And the devil is quite charming and talkative is an eerie and scary irony. In your poem, the angel only gets 3 lines, but they are mighty effective ones.

  6. Bren, I truly love, love, love the message in this poem! We’ve all got that devil there chattering away to us, and it is good that the angel is there to keep us away from mischief. (Most of the time….LOL.)

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