Carnival and Lobster season

1st day of May on PEI every year
is the start of lobster fishing season
boats are all in the water
ready, waiting to go.

Each day the boats would leave
and the village started to come alive
tourists began arriving
everything was busy, buzzing
around those precious pots.

Last day of June is when
lobster fishing ends
the boats that go out again
adapted to catching herring

but before that,
is when a week of giving thanks
and celebration begins.

Along with eat-in community hall
lobster feasts
buy and take away
there followed an afternoon
carnival parade which coincides
with Canada day.

My partner and our friends
along with novel four-wheel bike
rode around an eight mile stretch
(not me I had more sense, I just took
the pictures)
ending up where a small fair every year
came to the village green
with rides for the kids and stalls with
candy floss and ice cream.
Side stalls and Bingo and, all
kinds of home-made baking contests
took place.

The second year of taking part
the bike was made even more ornate
and this time in the carnival parade
took 1st prize as best creative float.


Doubling up and Sharing this as my post for G-Man’s Flash 55

My BFF and her sister had a fishing fleet. A fleet is only one boat but even so, it’s still called a fleet.
They would frequently bring us six fresh caught lobsters. As they knew their lobsters, they always bought us the best, and with just-out-of-the-oven home baked bread it was a truly amazing feast.

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The pics are all of the small fishing village where we used to live. The water is frozen through the winter months and boats are lifted out of the water and stored on struts on their owners own land. Once the river thaws around the middle of April, the boats are bought back and hoisted by crane back into the water where they are all lined up three abreast. At this time the whole village seemed to begin to wake up, to come alive again as those boats were, taken out of harbour, tested to see if there were any leaks etc. It was such a wonderful buzz of life to be a part of.

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And the lobster boats part for
G-Man’s Flash 55

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

17 thoughts on “Carnival and Lobster season”

  1. Daydreamertoo,

    This seemed like the perfect kind of event to share. Lots of fun and entertainment as well as a competitive element.
    Nice to have a community with that sense of spirit.


  2. This seems like such a happy time (not for the lobsters). I enjoyed reading all of this. It made me a little jealous. heh.

  3. Wish I was there … one day I’ll come out … at least as far as Pictou Island again ,,, a piece of me is always gonna be there …

  4. A great scene and atmosphere of holiday.

    The bike rides reminds me of days when I used to go biking by the beach with my friends during the June or December school holidays. Riding at leisurely pace, enjoying the sea breeze and stopping for ice cream, if there was carnival, we would park it and go in and have some fun. Such good times.

  5. DD2..
    Are you a Maritimer or just a tourist?
    Loved your pics, loved your whole post!!!
    Especially the 55 part.
    Love Lobster!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. I so enjoyed your offering! I am from Maine and so miss the rocky coast and Lobstah, my accent ;D This made me homesick for the magic of my childhood home~ Thanks I loved it!

  7. I enjoyed the description of this regional place–really spoke of a specific place. Neat photo of the sunset as well!

  8. oh wow this sounds like a marvelous time….would love some lobster…and love the community halls too…i bet there are lots of people there….i wanna go!

  9. Oh this reminds me SO MUCH of Tofino, also a village and the cool things going on there all the time, including big crab cookouts over a fire at the beach. Sigh. Love the sunrise shot….Also the cool bike. The bike shop here put my trike together WITH A MAN’S FRAME. I cant get on it. So cant buy it. Argh.

  10. I love this picture of small town life, wish we could zoom in on the bike. I want pictures of the boats too–and the pots and the lobsters–in fact this fine story/poem begs for the full treatment! I Love lobsters and 6 fresh lobsters would just about do it! And apple pie. I enjoy local crop festivals–garlic, cherries, soft-shell crabs, etc.

  11. Sounds like much goes on there for a few months, not sure if any carnivals go on for lobster on our side of the sea. Not that it has ever been eaten by me.

  12. I so enjoyed reading about lobster season on PEI. It does seem like a good reason to celebrate. That bicycle is quite something. It would indeed be fun to decorate. It is so nice to look back on such happy times, I think. Your words and photos made me smile.

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