Yesterday’s Dreams

Yesterday’s Dreams © Jack Vettriano

Light blows in through the thin net
as she breathes out her sadness.

Yesterday’s dreams
are now, just that.
Gone up in smoke
along with her cigarette’s.
(The prop she does her best
to hide behind.)

Unkempt hair.
Long tresses hang loose
but, she doesn’t care
A beauty left pondering
life’s often bitter blows
behind comparative seclusion
of the lace, iron-curtain.

It could have been
should have been
would have been


the chance is gone
along with yesterday.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved



*This is just my interpretation of the pic. I see her as being perhaps, resigned, melancholy,  sad.

Shared with Magpie Tales #126  ‘Yesterday’s Dreams’ by artist  Jack Vettriano

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

30 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Dreams”

  1. Oh this is excellent, and so real with the would of should of could of but yet we sit idle far too often sometimes it’s too late….where there’s a will right!

  2. could have been
    should have been
    would have been are real questions…..nice take on the prompt….

  3. “behind comparative seclusion
    of the lace, iron-curtain.”

    And cigarette smoke, of course.

    I do not get the sense that she will move from this “sad about yesterday” place. There is resignation in all the lines of the picture, in all the lines of your poem. The curtain is truly iron.

  4. Gone are the good old days. Salvage a few and discard the rest. Wait for a better tomorrow. That I would tell her, Bren! Great write!


  5. Yes indeed, so often yesterday’s dreams are yesterdays dreams are yesterdays dreams. I see the woman as resigned, melancholy, sad too. I wrote a Mag for the first time in ages because I like Vettriano’s work!

  6. so much of life can be sucked away by the would have, could have should have…i hope for her that she wakes up soon enough to still find life…

  7. Let’s hope at least new ones arise, as such a sad situation indeed, but sometimes we all need that to move on I guess.

  8. sad as I read I felt like i was drifting into your words. This is lovely write to go along with this picture. you can almost feel the curtains and see the smoke evaporating into them.

  9. I love the light blowing in through the thin net at the beginning. It feels like a promise for tomorrow. Thank you for sharing this little unrequited love. Very expressive, Bren.

  10. Melancholy and reflective… like the picture. She must move on!

  11. You looked into my soul, Bren … it’s like looking into a mirror, and that’s what I see … I hope she snaps out of it … I hope I will …

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