Vive la France


A French student once lodged with one of my friends
we had many interesting conversations and
would frequently giggle about our two countries
past differences
(so much better than fighting a war)

She said she really enjoyed our quick-witted humour
much more than her own staid compatriots.

I asked if she knew what nickname the English
have always used for the French
and she surprised me with:

“Qui. You call us Frogs because we eat
frogs legs as a delicacy.”

“Qui” I replied “and, what nickname do the French
have for the English?” I asked smug
(not thinking there would be one.)

“Oh, we call you..’ow you say ahhh
Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.” She said

and, we giggled all over again.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

They gave us the most romantic of all lovers… the adorable Pepe le Pew.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

23 thoughts on “Vive la France”

  1. Tres bien. Merci Beaucoup. It could’ve been worse I suppose, like our nickname could’ve been Jellied eels or fry up or steak and kidney pud etc…:)

  2. She, it seems, is the quick-witted one! But you see it, and giggles are the best response “(so much better than fighting a war).”

    I like the illustration (from the French student) too!

  3. Cross-cultural differences! On this side of the pond, the French were very kind to the republic early on, so we just have to love ’em. Great fun, your poem.

  4. A delightful capture of a conversation between roommates that just have to remain friends for life, Oui?

  5. yes the stiny skunk thinks he is such a great lover, just too smelly. And such fun to poke fun at the differences too.

  6. Some of the funniest conversations come from misunderstanding each others’ language.
    BTW France is feminine – they can be very snitty here if you mix up your ms and fs.

  7. Bren, laughter is good. There are differences indeed, and I think they are interesting rather than offensive. We all need to look at ourselves, I think, with a ‘light’ brush rather than taking ourselves too seriously.

  8. You have captured a special moment I can so vividly imagine. Love it (cute pic, too)!

  9. roast beef and yorkshire pudding…lol…ok, might need someone to explain that one to me…this is fun though and sounds like a great friendship…

  10. made me smile..i have a french colleague at work and we also have these kinds of conversations and fun…. so much riches and things to discover in other cultures..

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