Friday the 13th

So many think it unlucky
but not me
you see, since I was a child
I’ve always refused to believe
and, not wanting to be a sheep
taught myself to think just
the opposite.

13 is my second favourite number
7, my first.

Friday the 13th of October 1307
was so unlucky for the
Order of the Knights Templar
when the King of France and
the (then) Pope decreed
their wealth and power had grown
too mighty and that this noble order
was to be cast out of existence
mostly for heresy
(or whatever else they decided would suit)

In the name of God
on Friday the 13th amidst the dead of night
most of these unsuspecting men
were arrested, tortured to confess to
crimes they didn’t commit and then, executed.

Cruelly tortured for a number of years
the last Grand Master still would not
admit to any crime
and Jacques de Molay cried out
from the flames as they finally burned
him at the stake, a curse upon the three
men, that each would die before years end
and a curse upon their offspring for
13 generations.

Who knows
maybe this is the reason why 13 is
deemed to be so unlucky
it isn’t for me
because I like to be different and
refuse to see it as such.


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de Molay by dashinvaine

Some people think that it is Jacques de Molay’s face and not that of Jesus which was imprinted on the Shroud of Turin They may well be right.

Apparently the King of France, the Pope and the Prime Minister did all die before the years end. Even though this is a part of history, no-one truly knows why the number 13 has always been considered unlucky.

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Rita Hayworth

One of my sisters sends me quite a few emails daily. Most are jokes.
Some, games designed to drive you nuts.
Others are Powerpoint slideshows which are usually quite beautiful. More are videos.
This one she sent is truly amazing.
Old movie clips of Rita Hayworth and stars set to the Bee Gees ‘Stayin’ Alive’


Turn up your sound and enjoy!

I’ve had this 55 lined up since April waiting for the G-Man to be well enough to post the Friday Flash 55 prompt again
Never a doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t make it. He’s way to ornery to give up the ghost but, the song seems pretty apt now, considering the battle Galen’s just fought to do exactly that! Stay alive.

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