(to me)

is the unmistakable look of love
sparkling in another’s eyes
Tender interaction between mother and child
no matter what species
this love needs no words.

Poetry is
music of the wind as it plays
for leaves and grass to dance
lifts waves to rise up, crest
wanting to be seen.

Poetry is
in the man or woman, alone
wandering with shopping cart
transporting their home
from one street to another
to begin again, anew.

It’s in the rain which plays
its own symphony of words
a slow, slow, tickled trickle on skin
or, the mighty roar of gigantic waterfalls.

Poetry is life in perpetual motion

This moment now
each new thought given as a kiss
to lips which open with the
eagerness of petals waiting new days
touch of morning dew.


Love is poetry
Romantics are addicted
Poets are its slave.


© Daydreamertoo    *All right reserved


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