Defending Defiance

We must be as we want to
not as others would wish us.

Dare to be different.

We must live with our conscience
and not with consensus.

Dare to be different.

You can dress for convention
or as a rebel re-actionary.

Dare to be different.

You must live how you want too
conforming only if you choose.

Dare to be different.

If you don’t want to
live as the rest do.

Dare to be different.

Introducing the

Deliciously decandent
decidedly demur.

Disarmingly daunting
delightfuly dissident.

Dramaticaly decorus

Dazzling devil-may-care.

Dynamic duellist


Dashing daring

Bold but Caring

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Queen of Swords was a TV series created along the lines of Zorro after the huge success of the movie staring Antonio Banderas the twist being that, the hero is a woman. Set in California in the early 1800’s. They only made one season of this (probably because it was so silly) but, I saw a few and enjoyed actress  Tessie Santiago in the sword/fighting scenes.

I have never conformed to what much of society thinks I ought to live or be and, applaud those others who refuse too.

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Daydream Believer

If we’re really living it
there’s nothing trivial about life
we all differ in what feeds our soul
every little thing is significant
to us, one way or another.

I halt the walk
through the rat maze
long enough to observe the
life in trees.
I see the veins in leaves
this too, is me
every vein matters
no matter how small
and, the sap within.
How can we ignore
the importance of it all
when in truth
it is all there is.

Life in all its pain and glory.

At the end of everyday madness
I cast myself away
drift once more in daydreams
where a pen guides all thought
across an empty page
I’ll write once more
that I would still risk anything, for love.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Daydreaming/Meditation/Pondering life’s daily events while listening to soft music in the background or, in silence, is where most of my inspiration to write comes from.  But, while I love this time of quiet reflection, I do live in the real-life (mess) of this world.
But without our hopes and our dreams which feed us, keep us wanting to achieve, what do we have left?

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