Devil in Disguise

Mysterious man
spoke oh, so quietly
came seeking shelter
I gave it, willingly

(I thought)
everybody hurts sometimes, and
There but for the grace of God, go I.’

He offered me a smile
rare twinkle in his eye
and myself
(once needing solace)
having discovered the hand of friendship
extended him the same.

Asked what could I do for him.

“I want your soul”  He said.

A chill washed right over me
I froze right there and then
knowing the presence of pure evil

“Only the devil would ask for my soul.”
I calmly replied.

“Perhaps I am the devil.” He smiled
once again.

“Yes, I think perhaps you are.”
I said with courage I hoped
I owned.
“Sorry, but my soul is not for sale.
Go ply your trade elsewhere.”

His eyes twinkled with
the fires I knew were from hell.
He smiled again politely
turned his back on me
and went on his way.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

Of course I used a bit of poetic imagery in this but years ago, a man I felt sorry for once because he seemed lonely and in need so, tried to be his friend and, we did actually have that conversation.  Needless to say, it was not a friendship I pursued but, it’s something that I’ve never forgotten.

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Carry on Tuesday #163 ‘Everybody hurts, sometimes.

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

34 thoughts on “Devil in Disguise”

  1. Oh wow! I thought it was a dream. That is definitely a memorable enounter. Very sweet that you tried to befriend him. 🙂

  2. This reminds me of the Grimm Brothers and just how easily we encounter such a presence. You have to know what you own. I don’t think he will come back asking again. 🙂

    This is such a fun tale!

  3. WoW. Is all I can say to start with. After some deep breaths, I am in awe of you and your courage to say those things. I think I would have panicked, stuttered and run away. Thank you for sharing. I am happy all turned out well for you.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  4. Those are the weirdest encounters, indeed, and you never do forget them. I have had some encounters myself, which I have found extraordinarily insidious and evil. This is a chilling account of one of those, and it seems to me that your awareness of the evil and your courage in the face of it comes across with such honesty and authenticity.

  5. It’s good that the devil went away peacefully and did not put up a fight. Interesting read!

  6. A close encounter of the dangerous kind. You must have some powerful mojo to scare him away. i liked this a lot.

  7. Interesting, rather than creepy to me … as long as you know what you want … take it as a learning experience … I know I would … been there done that …

  8. Love the bravery and the strength in this poem. to resist the evils in life can be so hard especially when it’s charming. you portrayed him all to well. well done.

  9. The fact that this is a true scenario makes the poem even more powerful. I would have been utterly terrified, but you really showed the courage you hoped you had.

  10. Cunning and powerful… they always appear pleasant, alluring but then WHAM. This can be interpreted many different ways.

  11. based on something that really happened?! very interesting… and a well-told story poem (& I don’t blame you – who would want to be around someone who as good as admits to being the devil? – {shivers})

  12. ah, very good. He asked often, each time hoping it will be harder to say no.

    *I will say it was difficult to read with Elvis singing in the background. 🙂 *

  13. Creepy encounter you had. Glad you released him from your life. Lesson from your experience – being homeless and poor does not automatically make a saint.

  14. Wow…powerful and so real..sometimes we extend kindness not knowing how the other person will respond…we don’t expect it to be evil. I’m glad he walked away

  15. oh heck…you really had that conversation with someone…ugh…how deep must his needs have been… there are holes that not even the best friend could fill.. wise answer you gave him…

  16. And, of course, you watched as he walked away. The Devil (if he exists) doesn’t have to do anything as long as we done either. Absolutely great poem. Home run, baby!

  17. Bren,
    A brief encounter that can turn sour, chilling in fact! it would be scary hearing it the first time. Glad you maintained your composure that drove him off!


  18. holy crap….got to watch who you open the door to…perhaps it was your compassion even on the old devil that led him to turn his back and walk away in the end…sometimes we have to make those hard choices in life too and cut people out that do nothing for us…

  19. Chilling. I think in daily life we sometimes encounter the devil in human form; as well as God/Jesus in human form. We just have to keep our eyes open & chase the devil away when he/she appears! Interesting write.

  20. You put your experience to good use! I like the slow build up in this poem, a possibility of love starting with the hands of friendship and the open door of generosity. They say that vampires can not get in without an invitation, but the Devil seems to need our seal in the bargain. I love the bargaining, and especially this: “I said with courage I hoped
    I owned.” Good write!

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