You can feel it like a blanket
spreading over you.

It’s electrifying!

Hot ‘n’ Humid.

Feel it….
the beat coming
in the heat.

Shivers up and down your spine
love by candlelight
you know it’s on the way
It’s in the air

Your blood can feel it too
rhythmic flow
a way to go yet, but
you know it’s due.

Thunder in the mountains
stirs your beating heart.

Can you gaze upon the blazing knights
resist their steeds of flame
competing with the blue to win
your love.

You close your eyes and
feel the force

Their power’s breaking through.

In your wildest dreams your
hero has arrived and
fantasies are met.

The winner claims your soul
as the thunder clashes
and the lightening strikes
an arrow in your heart.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

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