Artificial Intelligence

© Jackson Pollock

We don’t start until we stop the
wake up call
get our brain then body into gear

maybe add a little fluid
and fuel to kick start the day into
ensuing chaos as we make our way
on foot, bus, bike
or, in tin-can boxes
entering other short or tall boxes
we fill eight hours of our time
earning  those dollars and dimes.

we humans are still machines
living, breathing entities
(through stress)
can come undone
causing breakdown so our
correct function, suffers.

We become fractured
like millions of pieced
jigsaw puzzles
and, if someone shakes the box
we fall into chaos, until we
(or, someone else who helps)
does some routine maintenance

a scan followed by a de-frag
which puts all of the pieces
into their order again
and on and on this cycle repeats
until the hard drive finally gives up
the ghost, dies
and then, we are replaced
by fresh new models.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

24 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence”

  1. Love this! I work in an office cubicle every day in front of a computer cranking out claims. This so speaks to me. I really like “a scan followed by a de-frag which puts all of the pieces into their order again”. I have been especially tired lately and so want to get back to writing. You give me encouragement just by stopping by for a visit. Thank you!

  2. Daydreamertoo,

    How accurate your perception of the image of the average human. A repetetive daily routine, multiplied by millions right around the world. The exact same picture emerges….Very clever perception through the prompt:)


  3. Wow, the puzzle the defragging the hard drive….love it!
    Well Done…
    Wonderful Bren…I loved so many thoughts here and it made so much sense ;D

  4. Jack the dripper is in for a dressing down on many blogs today. Wonder why.
    Defrag of the harddrive in my head would be helpful 🙂

  5. smiles…i woke an hour before the alarm today… paint a bleak picture of a life that we think is so civilized but so fragile in a way..laughing at sherry’s comment…yeah..maybe we all should think about a defrag..smiles

  6. I like the sound in this:

    “entering other short or tall boxes
    we fill eight hours of our time
    earning those dollars and dimes”

  7. nice…interesting take…i like the technical knowledge or phraseology that you use…in many ways we are a very complex machine filled with many moving parts and programming for sure that gets screwed up along the way…wonder where i can get a reboot? smiles..

  8. Our theories of the mind and memory processing include computer analogies (a modularity of mind). It’s permeated everything, including the way we think about thinking :). A satisfying, thought provoking, and frightening read!

  9. So much today depends on that routine maintenance; and if that doesn’t work….there’s replacement. Unfortunately this carries over to humans as well. Replacement is easy these days. More and more individuals are dispensable Well written, Bren.

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