The Way

The young have ego in abundance
there’s mostly nothing they lack
in the way of courage
Of standing their ground and
feeling so proud
even if they are so proudly

The line between child and
adulthood is invisible
transition all too often

One moment an adult
still a child.
They buffer back and forth
in the twilight zone
’til they reach that certain
point of no return

still thinking that school
is the end of all their lessons
and life can now begin


as we humans age we then
discover so much from
past mistakes, which tend to
teach our ego what it is to be
bringing a sense of unity
to others and, the world.

Compassion, compassion
the learned teachers say

Truth is found in silence
healing wounds too deep
to mention

forgiving the unforgivable
is the way of love.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

16 is a strange age. One minute she acts like an adult, the next, behaving like a child and… I am learning these lessons.  LOL

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLXXIX # Buffer, Transition, Unity
Poetry Jam Forgiveness
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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

30 thoughts on “The Way”

  1. first, your poem is so beautifully written! too many wonderful lines to quote!
    i empathize so with you, Bren! my granddaughter is 14 going on 24! every week her hair is a different color from platinum to blue to red with purple tints and the bottom layer is black. her way of expressing her independence, i think. and that’s the most “normal” thing she’s doing right now! it’s especially frightening with all of the technology at their fingertips. hang in there, sweetheart!

  2. Loved reading this. Yes, 16 is such a strange age for sure and we never stop learning these lessons. thanks for visiting my blog too!

  3. wise words indeed… and forgiving what we have thought unforgivable, a key that opens the door to our own real future

  4. “One moment an adult
    still a child.
    They buffer back and forth
    in the twilight zone”

    Like a boat tacking its way across the river, and sometimes with parents and older siblings the child returns way too often–

    A very insightful piece!
    Thank you.

  5. Yes, the transition from childhood to adulthood is a difficult one, and only with time and maturity, one can learn from mistakes and grow up. Nice write.

  6. Oh good lord, I’m so dreading the teenage years, although at 11 I’m already getting a pretty good idea about what is facing me. A heartfelt poem, very well written!

  7. … working with a young patient right now … so strong and beautiful, but so messed up at the moment … reminds me of myself and my son from a few years back … your poems always heal me deep inside, Bren … Love you, cat.

  8. So true. Compassion has been one of the harder lessons of my life. I see my children struggle with it – or not – and feel their pain, as well as facing my own transitions in the light of their unstable flight into adulthood.

  9. Wonderful lesson. I think that if there was one thing to omit from this conscious world it would be ego, and then we might be able to feel from deeper places in our hearts. Then maybe we could heal.

    “The line between…” reminds me of the line between the spirit world and here. Some say that a part of our mind in more ‘open’ in our early years and during our last years of life. I like that thought regarding transition. 🙂

  10. “truth is found in silence….forgiving the unforgivable”..wonderful words that give rise to some great thoughts and feelings…it is not always easy to forgive and most people want a loud announcement for their forgiveness

  11. I don’t know whether I could ‘forgive the unforgivable’! I’ve never been faced with that dilemma…..fortunately.

  12. I loved the lines “mostly nothing” and “still thinking that school/is the end of all their lessons/and life can now begin”. It was so insightful and true, not only of teenagers I think, but anyone who thinks that learning ever ends!

  13. i think we def have to find the balance or maybe the discernment in which to use silence and when to stand up…i think we lose a bit of the gumption when older to stand up…and some things we should…

  14. I really enjoyed this lovely piece. I remember my teens, my daughters and my granddaughters,,,,,life continues and love with it thank goodness,,,

  15. forgiveness.. particularly of oneself is most important..i think it’s true we all paddle between child and adult..that makes us human..another thought provoking write..Jae

  16. Oh sixteen. I’m not sure how I survived raising four teenagers at once…… have written this so well – I especially love “forgiving the unforgivable is the way of love”. Beautiful, kiddo.

  17. Oh, I remember the days of the 16-year olds! My children and now my grandchildren. As my mother would always say ‘this too shall pass.’ (which made no sense at the time, but does now)

  18. Growing up is not easy. But then again being a parent of someone growing up is not easy either. And yes, sometimes the transitions are not smooth. Forgiveness does not always come naturally, but sometimes has to be learned.

  19. LOL well it is fun to jump back and forth when need be, switch it on and off and let the childish antics roam. Although the teenage crap I do not miss.

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