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I listen to the silence
as you do also
seek solace in the colour of light

You are there
I am here
oceans lie between


a letter is a bridge of thought and
words span the endless path between.

Memory ensures softness of love
will last, as the great wheel spins

unaltered even, by time.


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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

38 thoughts on “Unaltered”

  1. Lovely, peaceful, confident voice speaking so softly of love. Of course, enjoy the idea that words hold love together. Excellent write.

  2. Mystical, sensual, and tender. When we write, we are forced to rely on the memories of what was and hope for what is to come. Sometimes memories and words are all we have to lean on. Most times, it is more than enough. “Memory ensures softness of love will last…” Sweet!

    I really like this one.

  3. A poem about distance and connection….letters…..I usednyomwriteblots of them….now it seems we don’t need too…bu actually, reading this poem…..maybe we do…quite beautiful

    1. Sorry for shitty spelling….my fingers don’t actually work…hope you got what I was saying

  4. Very nice. I like how each stanza could, in itself, be considered as short poems in their own right. Love the letter is a bridge stanza, really nicely done. Thanks

  5. Great write, tender and moving. Some great lines, I especially liked
    “a letter is a bridge of thought and
    words span the endless path between.”
    In our world of electronic communication, I love to get a letter! Much more personal, intimate..

  6. don’t you just love receiving a real letter, hand written and touchable?
    Until it goes into a drawer and we lose touch with it until we are looking for a pencil or a plaster or a…
    Still, those words stay with us for a long long time, making us recall the writer.
    wish we received more these days.

  7. I wonder sometimes about the unaltered by time quality of hand written things like letters and journals. it’s an intriguing thought.

  8. “seek solace in the colour of light”
    oceans,bridge, unchanged
    How fine is that!
    Or perhaps they change at the same timing.

  9. “a letter is a bridge of thought and
    words span the endless path between.”

    such a lovely thought within such a lovely, romantic poem!

  10. I love feeling the separation and longing in the first two stanzas…and then that simple one-word line: “yet”…the word on which the distance is closed…beautifully written.

  11. I took up card making two summers ago when I was struggling a bit with depression… making them and imagining the joy people would get gave me such smiles.
    Love this.

  12. We bloggers live in a world of bridges built of words. Your poem beautifully describes the connection those words make.

  13. Beautiful! I love getting letters so I can totally understand this. I hope there are many more to come 🙂

  14. have you ever read “The Wheel of Fortune” by Susan Howatch -> it’s very English, you’d like it!!

  15. I love this, especially:

    a letter is a bridge of thought and
    words span the endless path between

  16. you write with a tender voice here..a letter is a bridge of thought and
    words span the endless path between…true that…love the image

  17. What a simple joy to receive a real handwritten letter from a friend. I can smell the just-wet ink and feel the crease of the fold under my fingertip.

  18. A different take on the prompt than most, I really enjoyed your lines. I hope there is a letter soon….

  19. the great wheel is always spinning regardless…silence is not a bad gig either..and solace in color, i hear that…smiles….its pretty cool the connections that are unharbored by distance…

  20. Beautiful. Silence — even with the bridge of time — there are messages that travel, if we listen! Loved your words here.

  21. Night owl that I am … had to peek into your blog, Bren … and I’m glad I did ,,, thanks for your soothing words, friend. (Jenny’s rose on the sidewalk the other day is still so wondersome to me, you know…) Love, cat.

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