Living leaves its marks
in wrinkles and laughter lines
or battle scars
which, some wear with pride
whilst others try to hide them
in the depths of their

smoke and mirrors blind us
to our truths
we’d rather believe what
isn’t there than have
to face the pain we need to
through the error
of our ways.

The maze is one long walk
from start to end
with codes to be deciphered
by minds which do not understand
the many reasons, why


shadows on the shades declare
this will be another
beautiful day.


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

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Poets United Pantry #105

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

23 thoughts on “Shadows”

  1. I have plenty of those lines, and I’ve earned every one, along with every grey hair. Your funneling down of lifelong concepts to a single day reminds me of the AA saying, “One day at a time.” Here’s to hoping I sprout a new dimple today! Peace, Amy

  2. It is better to face the truths than to hide behind smoke and mirrors, though it perhaps isn’t the easiest route for the short term…but IS for the long term!

  3. Facing the light and its haunting shadows can be a blessed new day! Thoughtful!

  4. Sweeping analogies of the self here….how else can we look at a new day and rejoice the shadows on shades if we haven’t come to grips with the battle scars. Beautiful writing.

  5. It is yes, very painful sometimes to face the error of our ways, but until we do we keep repeating the same mistake, until we learn our lesson — so I’ve found in my life.

    This is a beautiful white shining linen glorious hopeful poem.

    Thank you for making me feel so nice from this, my dear!


  6. i think at times we do avoid the truth of our own actions…and their consequences…i dont mind a few wrinkles on the face…i think it adds character…smiles…

  7. well written & a lot of truth i recognize here, like

    we’d rather believe what
    isn’t there than have
    to face the pain we need to
    through the error
    of our ways.

    but i love the way your final stanza turns the mood (gorgeous pic too)

  8. This was lovely. Yes, all those lines on our faces tell a story…that’s why I think it’s sad that so many would wish to erase them completely.

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