Heaven Sent

A lifetime together in other snapshots like this
His hair just as thin as when they first met
a smile plays on each of their lips

Skin much more wrinkled
time doesn’t stand still
not even for love
but neither of them cares.

Her foot is hanging
relaxed, dangling there
He’ll utter the same saucy words
adding a touch, a gesture or two
and, she’ll act all coy
just as he knows. she’ll always do.

The piddle pot is under the bed
happy cat and dog are on it
day is done
they owe nobody nothing
not even the rent
all’s right in their world.

Theirs was a match made in Heaven
and, clearly Heaven sent.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #62

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

19 thoughts on “Heaven Sent”

  1. I love this poem, the accompanying picture, which I enjoyed but wasn’t needed, for your words beautifully paint it in my mind.

  2. I love that he still says “saucy words” to her and that she still acts “all coy” – a lovely touch of a long and loving relationship.


  3. I smiled thru the whole poem and at the picture….such joy and contentment….what more do they need if they have a dog, cat, and piddle pot!?

  4. All in all I do believe my grandmother was mostly happy – Even in her later years after grandfather passed and her memory faded…and she thought her one grand-daughter was her daughter. Living into the nineties thirty years ago was a long, long life.

    I like your humor and loving touch. Thanks for your visit and ‘help’ which hopefully I’ll get to use eventually.

  5. Sweet poem, and aren’t they blessed! My favorite line: “time doesn’t stand still, not even for love.”

  6. they owe no one nothing…what a feeling that is….there is great peace in this…and they have each other and that is enough….i smiled at the piddle pot…

  7. This is very touching, Bren. I chuckled at the mention of the ‘piddle pot under the bed.’ Some love is meant to last forever, and those who have it are indeed blessed!

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